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Wikki Stix - A Review...

I was contacted back at the beginning of the month, and asked if I would like to receive some  Wikki Stix , in return for writing up a review on my blog... So I dutifully looked into the information sent to me, and checked out the website (link above); and came to the conclusion: Who says no to that when they have a three year old!?! Not me - anyway, perfect for her and her age group... When we returned from holiday mid-July, they were waiting for us as promised; but unfortunately we returned with sick children. So while I have a few photos, and have spent a couple of hours with Button over the past week, playing with them - we have not had the time as I had hoped! However, in the brief moments we managed to sneak in (between coughing fits, fevers, miserable babies who refused to sleep, and a dozen other things) , I can honestly say that they have been a HUGE hit! She has loved them, and they live up to all the hype... hubby wasn't convinced they'd cope with ev

SO much to say

But SO little spare time right now... Wish I could start last week again without all the 'little extras' I have been dealing with (sick kids, sick me, sleepless nights... and a dozen of other things to try and fit in and around all these other disruptions) .  So here is a quick look at a few things that are upcoming in the next week or two: 1) Our family holiday 2) A belated birthday present and a deal for my readers 3) My first loaf of home-made gluten-free bread and a review 4) More amazing sky shots 5) Kids and milestones 6) A wikistix review This is not the order the posts are going to be written in, or posted on here... this is just a very quick update on what I need to do in the near future! On top of that - I am still in the middle of a post explaining a few changes going on here at home and thus on the blog, and I have a blogging conference to attend next weekend; which will hopefully get my creative juices flowing even more! So mu


is where the heart is. Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered what makes a house, an actual home? The bricks and mortar, that create the walls - these don't make it a home; but the people within, the environment, all the little 'bits and pieces' that make it yours... this is what makes a house a home. This is not our dream house, but it is our dream home RIGHT NOW... It is where both the kids were born (not literally though) , it is where we live and dream and think and believe and pray, and it is where we are at this precise time in our lives - and for that alone, it makes this place our perfect home. The kids know no different, we do - but we're okay with that, we have dreams of one day owning our own place; but our babies don't understand the difference between renting a house, and paying a mortgage yet... so we're not going to make it complicated for them. This is HOME, they love it and we're choosing to bloom where we're

Challenging Child...

I have a challenging child... do you?  I have one child who is strong-willed, a drama queen and knows her own mind. I also have a child who is laid back, easy going, quick to smile and easy to love. Some days the more difficult one feels hard to even like, and it would be easy to dote on the other one more. Does this make me a bad mother? I have really had to think hard about this, as the Mummy-Guilt tears me apart at times, and I get so worried she'll sense it... But I have come to the conclusion that this doesn't make me a bad mother (although I have yet to believe this on the inside) , unless I actually act on it. I love my daughter more than life itself, and I hope, anyone who knows me (in real life), can see that. But there are days I struggle to actually like her... her behaviour at the moment, leaves a lot to be desired, and while we are doing our best - it feels like it is just not enough, and I am ready to wave my white flag of surrender. This parenting thing

We've Finally Celebrated...

'lil M has finally had his dedication and first birthday celebration... only 2.5 months late! It was a lovely day - albeit rather busy, and by the end I was exhausted! I must remember to not do this again (hahaha) ! He didn't sleep (reminders of Button's 1st Birthday  as well) , but coped admirably, just kept on keeping on until everyone except a few hardened folks, had left - then gave us a miserly 45 minutes, and a grumpy late afternoon! Ah well, he was at his best when he needed to be... We had family and some close family friends travel on the day, for which we are SO very grateful - I love that kind of support! It feels very special having people prepared to travel to see your children dedicated, or to celebrate their special milestones! So thank you lovely folks... you know how important you are to me already, but this is just a 'shout-out' and a BIG thank you! And we also had local friends and family, who don't attend our church, make the effort
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