is where the heart is.

Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered what makes a house, an actual home? The bricks and mortar, that create the walls - these don't make it a home; but the people within, the environment, all the little 'bits and pieces' that make it yours... this is what makes a house a home.

This is not our dream house, but it is our dream home RIGHT NOW... It is where both the kids were born (not literally though), it is where we live and dream and think and believe and pray, and it is where we are at this precise time in our lives - and for that alone, it makes this place our perfect home.

The kids know no different, we do - but we're okay with that, we have dreams of one day owning our own place; but our babies don't understand the difference between renting a house, and paying a mortgage yet... so we're not going to make it complicated for them. This is HOME, they love it and we're choosing to bloom where we're planted. Things are slowly changing around here, and I am in the middle of a blog post trying to process things and explain what is happening - but until I have the time, and am awake enough to make sure it makes sense (I have two sick children, and am sick myself - so sleep, and time are at an all-time premium again), this is the best I can come up with.

I got thinking about house verse home because we have just been away for a whole week... we loved it, the kids loved it and it was much needed. But we were ALL ready to come home, it was the longest 'lil M has been away from home - and it was so funny when we got in. The little rascal hadn't slept the entire trip, he'd grizzled and moaned the whole way home (although he isn't a really bad traveller over all), and was over-tired when we arrived... but he was SO excited when he realised we were home, all he wanted to do was play - I couldn't even get a decent lunch into him!!!!

But that is what got me thinking... even on Friday night hubby had said he was glad it was the final night, and we'd be going home the next day. Button initially didn't want to go home, but once we got home she was also very excited, and thrilled to be back in her own bedroom with all her 'friends' that night!

There really is something special about your own home - as long as the walls are laced with love, the floors creak with compassion and the roof covers you with acceptance... there really is no better place to be (except maybe your own bed; which I am about to head off to now - good night)!


So true! I've been thinking about this recently, as we move into our new house on Saturday - it's been important for us to reassure J that the new house will be our new home, not just our new house. He's had lots of questions and concerns, but now he's asking daily whether it's moving day!
I love what you wrote about the floorboards creaking etc :)
Hope the changes happening for you are supremely positive xx
Ah yes - to go away is fun, but there is something special about getting back to where you 'belong'. Love your fonal comments about the walls, floor and roof!
Love and blessings
Anonymous said…
I was having a hard time with our decision to move. I LOVED our house and there are so many memories there. We did a lot of work on it and made it OUR place. But really it's just a building. We are making our new house our home now. I have to keep reminding myself that it's our family that makes it home. It really is amazing how attached we get to the place we live.

Melissa Wenger
Amy said…
There really is something so nice about coming home when you've been away, isn't there! I think you've nailed it, that it's to do with having all your own things there, but even more to do with being accepted. Home should be the place that we belong, beyond everywhere else! Hope you're enjoying home with your family.
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