SO much to say

But SO little spare time right now...

Wish I could start last week again without all the 'little extras' I have been dealing with (sick kids, sick me, sleepless nights... and a dozen of other things to try and fit in and around all these other disruptions)

So here is a quick look at a few things that are upcoming in the next week or two:

1) Our family holiday
2) A belated birthday present and a deal for my readers
3) My first loaf of home-made gluten-free bread and a review
4) More amazing sky shots
5) Kids and milestones
6) A wikistix review

This is not the order the posts are going to be written in, or posted on here... this is just a very quick update on what I need to do in the near future!

On top of that - I am still in the middle of a post explaining a few changes going on here at home and thus on the blog, and I have a blogging conference to attend next weekend; which will hopefully get my creative juices flowing even more!

So much to do, and yet so little time to get it accomplished!

Be on the look out, as one day I will get a few free hours and will ambush you all with posts... you'll be left wondering what hit you ;-)!


Looking forwards to all the promised posts :-). I like the little glimpses you have given, and I like the sound of you getting to a blogging conference!
Love and blessings
Amy said…
I look forward to your 'ambush!'
Oooo, you're going to conference?! Have fun!!
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