Wikki Stix - A Review...

I was contacted back at the beginning of the month, and asked if I would like to receive some Wikki Stix, in return for writing up a review on my blog... So I dutifully looked into the information sent to me, and checked out the website (link above); and came to the conclusion:

Who says no to that when they have a three year old!?!

Not me - anyway, perfect for her and her age group...

When we returned from holiday mid-July, they were waiting for us as promised; but unfortunately we returned with sick children. So while I have a few photos, and have spent a couple of hours with Button over the past week, playing with them - we have not had the time as I had hoped!

However, in the brief moments we managed to sneak in (between coughing fits, fevers, miserable babies who refused to sleep, and a dozen other things), I can honestly say that they have been a HUGE hit! She has loved them, and they live up to all the hype... hubby wasn't convinced they'd cope with everything a Preschooler throws at them, and still remain sticky - but let me prove otherwise:

Above is ALL 24 of the Wikki Stix we were sent, twisted and made into a big ball of mess... when I asked Button why she did this - apparently it was to stop 'lil M having fun! He'd woken earlier than expected, so she wanted to make sure he didn't get a chance to play with them!

So, with a bit of spare time and a bit of patience thrown in - here is the end result:

Almost back to perfect...!

Later that same day, we managed to squeeze in some more action... this time I worked with Button to 'draw' a picture with them! I am no artist (in case you can't tell), but we were both pretty stoked with the end result! While I did all the manipulation for this picture, she talked me through what she wanted:

So - to explain, it started off with a rainbow, rolling hills, a tree and the sun (top left corner - just to be different), I started to then add a winding river - only to be told it was to be a road! A person then got added waving on the hill, and to make sure everyone knew what the road was - I had to add a car, with a person driving AND waving back to the person on the hill! There are also two 'birds' in the sky (but apparently they look more like butterflies, which made her pretty happy)!

She then took the reigns completely, and while I still needed to help her a bit - here is the second picture we managed to complete:

So to the left is an elephant with a LONG pink trunk (because elephants like long pink trunks Mum)!

To the right is a lion, which has it's tongue sticking out... not sure why, but apparently they like doing this also!!!!

All in all, we had a lot of fun together that afternoon... despite how miserable she was feeling. So to me, that gives it a big thumbs up!

I am sure we will be getting many more hours of use out of them in the coming months... Button is so open to learning, and loves it so much - that these will be useful for many reasons, and to teach many things. However, she is not really into arts and crafts yet, so I am hoping this will be like a stepping stone to encourage her to start actually drawing pictures - once she see's what she can do!

I am considering ordering some more for Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews, and also for hubby - he was really impressed at how well they have lasted and coped with the handling, and joked about how he wants some! So maybe Santa will visit him this year also!!!!

That then slides easily into letting you all know, as my valuable readers - that should you chose to buy some for your children (or yourselves *grin*), Wikki Stix are happy to offer you (and me) a discount... so please feel free to contact me at: tofindasilverlining at hotmail dot com, to register your interest and I'll come back to you with the details you will require to get that discount!


Amy said…
Ahhh, I've been wondering what they were! Wikki Stix look like a lot of fun! I love how tactile they are for this under-fives age group, but also how low-mess (even with washable felt pens we have to be so careful of the carpet, etc). Love both your's and Button's pictures! Hope you have many more enjoyable hours creating together. (and yes please, terrific Christmas idea, hehe!)
Fascinating things - they look fun! You will have to bring them when you visit so I can have a play :-)
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