A Blast from the Past...

While I was at Blog Camp I remembered I had another blog from a totally different life... I haven't written in it or thought of it for years! It was set up in Xanga, does anyone remember the Xanga days?!?! I remembered my blog name, but had no recollection of the actual password, or any of the other information required to get back into it. So I decided I really had to try and forget it again, hmmmmm - didn't happen quite so easily now I'd remembered; hehehe!

Then a few days later I got a Xanga Update from someone else I used to follow regularly, and that gave me the chance to 'rediscover' my blog... I have gone right back to the very beginning, and here is my first post (as boring, if not more so than my first ever blogger post):

17 May 2003                                             5:50pm
Well - I am going to give this a go! I have been very slack with my correspondance this year, so am hoping that it will be easier for friends and family to keep in touch with me through checking out this (IF I remember to actually type in entries!)... I'll trial it for a while, and see if it seems to be working or not! Hopefully I'll remember at least once a week!
I know I am going to be asked about my "name" on here... I tried all my normal names, but they were all taken! This comes from my brother, it is his nickname for me... and it worked, so I figured I'd use it 
This is just a trial entry, so will sign off and see what happens!
God Bless

I am not going to hand out the details - it is seriously BORING and old. 2003 was pre-hubby days, as in I hadn't even met him at the time I started the blog. The funny thing is - I actually updated this right through until 2009, that is SIX years; and it takes you right through our 'courtship' and early years of marriage! I then started this blog in 2010; so between them I actually have a fairly accurate reflection of my life for the past ten years! That is IMPRESSIVE, and shows a certain amount of staying power, I think ;-)!

I am hoping hubby can work out how to safely 'transport' my writing out of xanga, so I can save it onto my computer and then delete my blog forever... I really had no idea about internet safety, and there is far to much information available, eeeek!

Anyway - just thought I'd pop in and give you a bit of a giggle; I mean seriously... a blog dating back ten years ago! Does anyone want to reread their life from ten years ago? Has anyone else been blogging this long?


That's pretty impressive, Elizabeth. You should get it all printed into a book. I try to do that annually with my blog, just in case something happens to the webserver. Aren't Xanga closing down soon anyway? I have a friend who just switched her blog over to wordpress because she said it was closing. A good reminder to me about my old blog too and internet safety.
I remember that :-) Well done on your tenacity in blogging, and your development in writing and blogging generally.
Love and blessings
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