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I hit Auckland's first ever Blog-Camp last weekend... or should that read 'Auckland's First Ever Blog Camp HIT me'! Oh yes, fair square in the centre of my forehead... and I am still processing, making decisions and changes, and 'stalking' some new friends!

Last Saturday, after 4 hours of interrupted sleep, I managed to find myself in Greenlane on time, attending BlogCamp - being run by Vicki of Vegemite Vix fame (if you haven't heard of her yet, you won't be able to miss her now *grin*, she has BIG plans for blogging in New Zealand; watch this space, I'm SO excited, *insert teenage girl squeal*)!

We have SO much to learn here in New Zealand, it made my head spin (and it wasn't all because of extreme tiredness, thanks 'lil M)...I am beyond green, and while all the other girls understood the whole 'rel=nofollow' or whatever it was, I still don't! I am very grateful that Vicki has offered us all a one hour free consultation on our blogs - because I am in DESPERATE need of it; and have already booked her in... Do we get a second hour if we attend the second camp Vicki, hehehe?!?

So much to learn, so much to do to make my little corner of blog-land worth reading, and so many decisions to make (what to change, what not to change)... Some of these changes you will see implemented soon, and some of them you may not see for a few months. But whatever the case, there are changes a-foot... once I understand the lingo, basically another whole language really; because none of it made sense on Saturday, things 'should' start to heat up a bit round here! Hoping Vicki can manage that miracle within the hour though, or maybe some of her pixie dust will fall on me and I'll suddenly wake up and understand everything taught to us.

We were lucky though; as not only did we get to listen to Vicki and glean from her years of bloggy-wisdom, but we had three other guest speakers as well:
Simone from Great Fun 4 Kids talked about design.
Jade from the Auckland Art Gallery spoke about how bloggers can / will be used in the future for advertising, such as they already are overseas.
Rick Shera, partner at Lowndes Jordan spoke to us about law and the internet (including copyright etc)!

The whole thing was awesome, and awe-inspiring! Hubby text at lunch to ask me how it was going; my response was 'Already been well worth the money'! REALLY, TRULY, SERIOUSLY! I know - so many caps in this sentence, but it was that good... really, truly, seriously!

I would share some photos of the amazing ladies I got to meet, but every single one of my photos came out bad - I have never had that happen before, serves me right for using hubby's new phone camera! So instead - I'll introduce you all to them via their blogs; as they are well worth 'stalking' and reading!

There was:
Sammy from The Simple Life whom I have had the pleasure of meeting before!
Melissa from The Best Nest and her scrummy 4 week old baby, Nixon!
Nicky from La Donna Moderna an e-magazine for the modern woman.
Nat from If Only They Told Me a blog about parenting and marriage.
Lisa from All In A Daze the most regular blogger EVER, amazing!
Erin from Jogging Pants Must Die the coolest ever blog name!
Rachel from The Far Side of the World who travelled all the way up from Tauranga, AND has one published book and two being edited - inspiring or what!!!!!!!
Meg from Growing Kiwis who is the most AMAZING photographer; and made me cry with her heart-wrenching post that we got to hear at the end of the day.
And finally we also got to hang out with Karen, who is in the process of starting her own business (which will include a blog) in the near future!

So thanks again Vicki, it was an incredible day and I LOVED every second of it! I will be at the second one, even if I have less than four hours sleep again...


Sounds a great day - it will be interesting to see the changes as they come :-)
Love and blessings
Unknown said…
was awesome to meet you! takes time to process all the info :)
Can't wait to see the results. Hope the time with Vicki is awesome x
Amy said…
Sounds like it was fabulous - I will have to have a read of the other blogs sometime!
vegemitevix said…
Thanks Elisabeth for your write up of blog camp and it was great fun meeting you on Saturday to go over bits and pieces. Looking forward to September's BlogCamp (the Second). Not long now.... Vix x
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