Changes Are A-Coming...

I know I have alluded to this before, and have - for a long time, been keeping you all in suspense (hahaha)! You've been coming back just waiting and hoping I'll give in and tell you all now, haven't you - just admit it!!!!!!!

I know, I know - you've all got much more important things to be doing than waiting, let alone thinking or wondering about what all these changes are... and when I'll give in and tell you!

So - before I bore you and you disappear; here is the post to reveal all! Things have been evolving, and it has taken a while to really iron out what I want, where I want to go with blogging, and how I am going to get there. But Blog Bootcamp really started to put it into focus a bit for me, and then a meeting with Vicki clarified it somewhat! And so, after many discussions with hubby, it has been decided...

I LOVE blogging and writing, and I want to continue! 

BUT this blog has been somewhat of a 'fail', and after three years I have very few followers, have even lost a few over that time (and you thought I didn't notice when you disappeared huh?). I know it is not all about followers or I would have given up years ago, but blogging is about getting your voice out there and being heard - otherwise, what would be the point? So I have finally admitted to myself that this IS a motivation for me, and have been working around / through / in / under / over and trying to come to some conclusions as to why this has been (or not been in my case) happening!

And while I can't give an explanation as to the lack of interest, I can change up my blog and hope this will help it gain more momentum... secretly, I think I come across as a bit negative, and maybe people struggle with my 'reality' posts? *Shrug*, but I don't really know!

So, there is a new blog on the horizon - have you noticed the new URL address? Hubby, the night I got home from blog bootcamp, bought the above domain and also the one; bless his heart - he has total belief in me, and my writing ability! We won't be unveiling the new blog until it is ready, and it could be a while yet; so don't get to excited about it...

I won't be taking over most of the stuff from this blog, a fresh start is required; but I will keep this one open, and have a link to the new one once things have been set up. I will also be changing the basic focus, and instead of just focusing on my family - I will have a few other threads I will be researching and then sharing with you all. Things I have become quite interested and even passionate about, things I hope others will be also be keen on and thus, show an interest in my blog and follow, and maybe even hopefully contribute to it in time!

There will still be posts about my family - I live with them, I live for them; so I can't help but share my love of them here. But I think the difference is, it'll be more balanced now... more balanced with other interests and areas of focus; a more balanced me means a more balanced blog, and a more balanced blog - will hopefully mean, more interest!

There are also changes in my own life, changes I will be chronicling here as well; some of these will be in direct link to the changes on the blog, and some of these changes are personal and, while probably go hand-in-hand with the blog changes, are about me and for me only.

I think the first thing you will notice though - is the amount and the regularity of posts; one thing Vicki said, that really made sense, is that people are creatures of habit. So while I try and blog about once a week, there has been no uniformity or consistency about it; and she believes this has been some of the problem! She recommended that I try planning my posts, and maybe even writing and scheduling them, so they appear on regular days here - this way, you will know when to expect a new post, and thus when to pop in. 

So I am planning on making Tuesday and Friday my 'write a decent post' days; Tuesday will be 'On Topic Tuesday', this just means I will write a post about something I am interested in, such as the Gluten-Free Posts I have started; and Friday is going to be 'Family Friday'; which is fairly self-explanatory! I also hope to pop in with other posts if and when life allows it, maybe just photos, or a recipe to share... short, but hopefully sweet!

So - there is the basic structure of the changes, I know I haven't told you about any specific area's of focus at this stage; but this post is getting longer and longer, and there is nothing here to keep your interest (e.g. photos); so I am going to sign off, insert a few RANDOM photos and then start writing another post (although, not tonight) to share in more depth, what you can be expecting to see from now on. All the changes from here on, and the posts - will be taken over to the new blog, so it won't be totally empty when I eventually unveil it! 

Hope you hang around to see what is happening!


Interesting - it will be nice to 'see' you more regularly :-) I have noticed an increase in my visitors as I have been more regular with posting.
Love all the photos - spring is really springing up your way!
Love and blessings
This all sounds really exciting and positive - yay! LOVE that you own your domain name...I've been thinking about doing that too, so maybe now's the time to follow your lead :-) xx
P.S: if I didn't have a regular schedule for my blog, I think I'd have given up a long time ago!! It's such a simple thing to get underway, and it makes a world of difference x
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