Favourite Photo!

We went down for a family holiday to Tauranga recently, and on one of the last days my parents popped over, and my brother, sis-in-law and nephew also turned up (invited of course *grin*), and we had a lovely family day! 

Much to my surprise and shock, I realised later I hadn't taken a SINGLE photo that day, nor the day we had dinner with my brother and his family earlier in the week... so unlike me!

However, both my Mum and my sis-in-law are also handy with the camera, and had taken photos on both occasions... and, lucky for me, e-mailed me through copies!

Here is a copy of my favourite photo of me and with the kids taken by my Mum... love, love, love!

Thanks Mum - there aren't a lot of me with the kids, as generally I am behind the camera!

PS - Doesn't 'lil M look SO grown up in this photo?! I LOVE that blue top on him, it has to be my absolute fav!


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