Favourite Photo!

We went down for a family holiday to Tauranga recently, and on one of the last days my parents popped over, and my brother, sis-in-law and nephew also turned up (invited of course *grin*), and we had a lovely family day! 

Much to my surprise and shock, I realised later I hadn't taken a SINGLE photo that day, nor the day we had dinner with my brother and his family earlier in the week... so unlike me!

However, both my Mum and my sis-in-law are also handy with the camera, and had taken photos on both occasions... and, lucky for me, e-mailed me through copies!

Here is a copy of my favourite photo of me and with the kids taken by my Mum... love, love, love!

Thanks Mum - there aren't a lot of me with the kids, as generally I am behind the camera!

PS - Doesn't 'lil M look SO grown up in this photo?! I LOVE that blue top on him, it has to be my absolute fav!


Sammy said…
Yes it's a lovely photo! You all look so happy xx
Amy said…
Such a gorgeous photo! We will have to get a copy too! And yes, he does look so much older than I know he is...gorgeous face shape...his sister has some competition in the gorgeous looks department!
That was a great shot - and Lil'M does look older than he actually is. And of course they are both good lookers - look who their Mama is!!
Love and Blessings
Miriam said…
that is a beautiful photo - you look so happy and relaxed.
Jen said…
Sometimes that's how you know it was one of the best days - you were too busy enjoying it to take photos. I'm glad you do have some pics of the day, though. And that one of you and your little ones is lovely!
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