Savouring the PEACE!

Snapshot of my life right now!

One baby in bed, sleeping off his 15 month injections...

One Preschooler visiting next door, playing with the new puppy.

One Mummy sitting quietly having a coffee, and finishing off the last little bit of peppermint slice!

I wish I could share this moment with you; maybe have you sitting here quietly with me... or taking a photo to share with you in this post (although there is nothing to actually look at, just the feeling of peace), or maybe you could ring me and we can have a quick catch up over the phone - giggling at some of the funny stories we'd share together. It could be through skype, or texting or e-mail. But instead I am sharing this moment with you via my blog... sitting peacefully, almost alone, in my lounge; savouring the peace while I can. It may be the last chance I get today, who knows? Either way, I am going to enjoy it to it's fullest! There is still a lot I need to accomplish today; so a moment like this has been unexpected, but much appreciated!

I hope you have been able to read this post with peace surrounding you as well!


Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing. These moments are so precious. Nice work on the slice.
I have had a busy day, but is some ways quite quiet - time in the studio and at the sewing machine.
Hope you enjoyed the break.
Blessings and love
Amy said…
I hope it was a nice long moment to savour! Would have loved to have joined you (only I'd have wanted half your slice so I'm not sure if you would still have been keen, hehe!)
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