The Belated Birthday Present and a deal for YOU!

When my baby turned one back in April, not only did he miss out on his party due to being sick; but we'd also not given him anything particularly special for his birthday. We had bought a second hand 'Little People' airport from Trade Me, but at the time he was showing no specific interest in anything... so we'd agreed to wait until later in the year, trusting we could purchase something we knew he'd love and get a lot of use out of!

Playing with his 'new' airport on his birthday...

Since then, like most little boys, my son has developed a very intense love affair with the motor vehicle! Anything that has wheels and/or a motor is fair game, and is played with constantly - I noticed today he has even started making cute little noises when he pushes them around! Doesn't really sound like car noises yet, but I have no doubt that will come! 

I have been coveting a car-mat for him, having watched this interest developing, and know this will get many hours and many years of use... but Hubby hasn't been quite so thrilled to jump in on the idea!

That was until we went to Tauranga for a family holiday... we are very lucky that Hubby's Uncle owns a toy shop there, Childsplay, and we always make it a habit to pop in and see him (although now the kids are getting older, it is becoming a rather expensive trip *grin*)! While there this last time - I 'found' the perfect car-mat, and at a REALLY good price... I'd done some homework, and knew this was one of the best deals you'll get! So Brian and I worked on hubby, and it didn't take long to convince him we SHOULD purchase one for 'lil M's belated birthday present!

While we were talking, hubby mentioned that I blogged - and one way or another, the conversation came round to me writing up this post; and by doing this, I am able to offer YOU, my valuable readers - a deal on a car mat, from Childsplay, that you'll never get anywhere else!

Brian has said - that as long as you mention me, or my blog, you can have:

The Big City Car Mat 200cm by 100cm (same size we got) for $59.99, OR the 200cm by 150cm for $99. PLUS free courier anywhere within New Zealand!

Contact details are:
Childsplay, Tauranga
87 Devonport Road,
Phone: 07-578-9149

Best way to contact Brian (or his lovely assistant Debbie) is either via phone or e-mail, unless of course you live locally! Then pop on in, and check out the whole shop - I can almost predict you'll find something else you'll fall in-love with (or at least your kids will)!!

And of course - I made the right decision, it has been used a lot since we got it home (more appropriately by Button currently of course, but I am sure it won't take long before 'lil M has worked it all out):

I LOVE this corner of my house... I love the bright colours, the vibrancy, and the variety of toys and books available for the children! I don't like the mess, I admit it, but it is worth it to make sure they get the best; so like any good Mummy, I spend the first part of my evening cleaning up after them. That is my FAVOURITE time... the peace and quiet, and tidiness!


That is some offer :-)!! and I am looking forward to one day seeing the mat IRL, and hearing the little car noises...
Love and blessings
You will not regret this! We have a small version (not nearly as cool though!) and J has so much fun with it. H just likes to pull it around for now ;o) Great deal!
Isn't it funny how boys are just drawn to vehicles?? I think one of H's first identifiable "words" was "brrm brrm"! Makes for interesting thinking about the whole nature vs nurture debate!!
Amy said…
A friend of mine went to Child's Play this week, to get some little bits and bobs for an overseas trip - she then raved to me about the amazing service, the advice, the good value! :o) I, of course, had to mention that it is owned by my brother-in-law's uncle. How's that for a good rave though? Our gifted car mat here has had many, many hours (these days particularly when it's too wet for the sandpit). Combined with a wooden car-parking building, and there's some amazing imaginary play developing. Grin.
Anonymous said…
It must be something about little boys and car noises. Sawyer even has to 'vroom vroom' when we're playing Uno and he puts his card on the pile. Takes twice as long because he has to drive his card there first.

Melissa Wenger
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