Urghh - the head...

I have a splitting headache today... no sleep for two nights in a row will do that to you! So it is all about 'survival of the fittest' today; and I am hoping I will manage to survive! It is bad enough that I was up at 4am sucking back the pain relief, and have had some more since; I don't take pain relief easily!

Saturday night we stayed up and watched the AB's whip the Wallabies (Wannabes) live, so didn't crawl into bed until after midnight... of course, that happened to be the night that 'lil M decided his teeth were sore enough to be awake from 2am to 4:30am :-(! Thankfully hubby is happy enough to get up and do his share as well, but neither of us slept during that time. Poor little man wanted to sleep, and tried to - we gave him pamol, cuddled him, and popped him down; and he tried really hard, he really did... for 30 minutes he whimpered and tossed and turned, but then he gave up and roared! So we gave up and gave him some ibrofen as well, those molars suck :-(! Poor dude!

Then yesterday, despite being dog-tired, he refused to sleep - Nana was with us for the day, and there was no way he was going to miss out! So we gave up trying to convince him he'd enjoy the day better after a sleep, and popped out to enjoy the single day of sunshine by taking a walk in the Botanical Gardens... he still refused to go down after lunch, he wanted to go outside again with Nana and Button *sigh*! So finally at 1:30pm he crashed for a couple of hours, but it meant he was fairly grumpy after he got up; as he really had needed two good sleeps after such a rough night. BUT - it meant we got a blissfil 12 hour sleep out of him last night, and we were in bed before 9pm ourselves (miracle). But do you think I could sleep? My mind was whirling, and refused to shut-down... I was still awake at midnight, I saw 2am, and got up at 4am with an almost migraine-like headache.

Poor Button has had a rather grumpy Mummy this morning, thankfully she gets a break from me, as she attends Preschool for 4 hours on a Monday morning... and 'lil M gets his break as he gave in and has crashed this morning (whew)! So I am sitting here catching up on the weekend (I barely turned my computer on these past 3 days), and feeling guilty about the amount of housework I should have been attempting while I have the time... Hahaha! I guess as long as the washing is done, and the family are still alive and well fed tonight, then my job is done. 

Why can't the weekend last one more day? One more day to catch up on sleep, housework and life would have made a significant difference to me this week... well, every week really!

Anyone with me on this?!?


hmmmm - maybe I had better give you my fridge magnet that reads
"Before you go to bed, give all your troubles to God, He will be up all night anyway"
Hope you sleep better tonight
Love and blessings
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