Gluten-Free Living - Post Five

I know I said I wouldn't be doing one of these tonight - but hubby is watching a movie, and I am so EXCITED and just had to share a few things with you.

Tonight I made, first time EVER (as in even pre-gluten-free days... is that such a word?!?) some mini meat pies... and not just any mini meat pies, but GLUTEN-FREE mini meat pies! First time I have ever attempted to make pastry from scratch, fill it, cook and then serve it!

SO proud of myself... but there will definitely be some things I will do differently next time; however, for a first ever attempt I am pretty stoked:

Don't let anyone tell you that eating gluten-free means you have to miss out on all the good things; it is simply not true!

Now - let me share with you two new websites I have found with gluten-free recipes as well... places I would never have dreamt of finding recipes, least of all gluten-free ones! I am always amazed where I find recipes popping up:

Recipe Finder on MSN there are almost 700 recipes here; and it was here I found the mini meat pie recipe... I changed the filling to suit us, and made the pastry slightly differently to what they said, as I don't have all the different varieties of flour they say to use! I won't share the recipe here yet, but will try perfecting it first - don't want to confuse the situation; however feel free to look it up if you're interested, and try it yourself!

Radio New Zealand - yep, seriously! Who'd have thunk it ;-)! 

And this is where I first came across recipes by: 

Jimmy Boswell, the self-proclaimed Gluten-Free Chef of New Zealand! I now check his blog regularly and have downloaded his new e-book for just $5 - well worth a look at also, as he focuses on savoury meals, rather than baking!

If either of those first two links don't work, just do a search on the main page of each for gluten-free recipes... I have done the 'search' for you, and linked that - but sometimes these longer links don't work well.

Don't have much brain-power left for anything else, but I had to share with you the pies and the three websites which I have recently found! I am looking forward to also trying the GF Sausage Rolls found in the first website... yum!

Lemon Biscuits with lemon icing and sprinkles
Gluten-free of course!

So - until next week, enjoy perusing through those websites; and getting inspired like I have been doing!

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They look awesome - well done :-).
Love and blessings
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