Gluten-Free Living - Post Four

Pizza... I promised you pizza, and tonight I am going to give you pizza!

Meet our pizza:

Now - if that doesn't tingle your tastebuds...

In case you have forgotten, or in case you don't want to go back and look at previous posts - the store we buy this Premix from is here; make sure to tell them I sent you!!!

Anyway - the pizza is GREAT, you'd never know it was gluten-free and you won't feel like you're missing out on anything either!

Our secrets to a great pizza is this:

- Pre-make the pizza base (I always try and make it in the afternoon and then wrap it in gladwrap and pop it into the fridge... but if you don't have time, never fear - it still tastes good anyway)!

- I also use a Mixer to make it in now, used to use just plain old electric beaters and while they do the job; the big mixer gives a softer and thicker dough. I have recently purchased some new Kensington Appliances (including the mixer) through The Warehouse; review to come soon.

- We then roll it out after the kids have gone to bed on a Friday night (our first secret to a GREAT pizza *grin*)! We coat it in olive oil, sprinkle some salt over it and place it in the oven (on Bake at 180oC) briefly, until it is just slightly golden... do not cook it properly at this stage!

- Once you have done this, coat it in tomato paste and this is what it should look like:

Look how thick it is - my fingers are showing you the size! 
Yum, I love a crust done to perfection!

- Coat with toppings of your choice, we tend to keep it fairly simple with just a layer or two of meat (depending on what is available), and cheese! But don't be shy - go ahead and just do what works for you here...

- Bake again, until cheese is melted and all layers are hot...

- Then sit down, relax and enjoy; with your favourite TV programme (or if you're like us, your favourite DVD)!

Seriously - it is THAT easy to make great gluten-free pizza... the mix doesn't take much either; to make enough base for one pizza all you need is 1.5 cups of mix, 1/2 cup of milk and about 1/3 cup of oil (we use canola oil in the base, but coat it on top with olive oil - mainly because of the costs associated with the different oils). As we buy the mix in 4kg bags, it lasts us for many pizza's (or scones)!

Promise next week will be more substantial...

You can find Post One here, Post Two here and Post Three can be found here!


I can testify that your pizzas are delicious :-)
Love and blessings
Amy said…
Yum, yum, yum. I am remembering how good it tastes...will try to get some premix when we next see you! I'm trying to get some over to family in Sydney too but it's too pricey to ship, despite the Gluten Free Store trying hard for us! So the fam will just have to shop when they come over instead. Grin.
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