I am trying to use Sunday evenings for planning now...

* First thing I do is menu planning

* Followed by planning for my blog

* Followed by planning out the housework

* Followed by planning the activities and other bits and pieces through-out the week (this will include any shopping, visiting, paying of bills, phonecalls I need to make, baking etc)!

Of course - I am well aware that if I manage to get through half of this in one week, I am doing very well; but if I manage to do that half on the 'correct' days - then I must be superwoman (at least briefly anyway)!

I have been trying to menu-plan for a few weeks now, sometimes I manage to do a whole week in advance and sometimes I only manage to keep a day or two ahead of myself. But one thing I know for sure, the weeks I am fully planned and 'in control' go so much smoother; as I can prep in advance, I can take meat out of the freezer in advance, and I am not stressing and making last minute (bad) decisions regarding meals... However, the meals and the nights are not set in stone - I can swap and change according to what the day has been like, if extra activities have happened spontaneously, or we have sick kids (like last week)! I also always have a quick and easy meal up my sleeve should I need it instead (for us it is always Tuna Pasta Bake, I always make sure we have the ingredients in the cupboard and I know it is a dish that the whole family will eat)

The idea being - I will eventually manage to make fortnightly menu plans, and keep a file of them; being able to come back and reuse them when time is minimal, or just when I need inspiration! But I want to make up quite a few first, as I have still got quite a limited repertoire of meals up my sleeve... I will also then get to the point I can plan my fortnightly grocery shopping around the meal-planning, and start filling in my Recipe Organiser that I got for my birthday back in June (but never blogged about)! Everything is done on a fortnightly basis here because hubby gets paid fortnightly... maybe one day it'll be different, but until then we work with what we have got.

The rest of the planning is just a new thing hubby and I are trying to implement - to make our evenings go smoother and to feel like we are accomplishing the things we want to; the evenings seem to disappear in a puff of smoke, and come Friday nothing has been done! I have always been fairly laid back about blogging, and about my evenings - letting hubby and his commitments dictate within reason, what I did and when I did it. So this allows hubby to see when I will be busy (giving me back a certain amount of control), and now we can plan our evenings around each other, making sure we have keep the same evening(s) free to spend together!!!!

That Weekly Whiteboard Planner I talked about back here, is finally going to be put to regular (and good) use - it is going to be our 'Go-To' board for checking in regarding menus and evening plans... it sits on the side of my fridge and faces my kitchen, so it is quick and easy to see what is going on and a good visual reminder to take meat out of the freezer in the mornings etc!

The reason I am sharing all this - is accountability, I am the worlds best procrastinator, hence the lack of planning thus far in my life... I have a heart full of good intentions, but the motivation is zero for follow through! I am getting better though, so am hoping this Sunday night post will be a good 'reason' to continue on with that follow through! I won't be sharing all the weekly planning in-depth - I will go through some of it tonight with you, to give you an idea of what I mean; but generally I will only share my menu plans! The idea being I will then do an update the following week - sharing with you how it all went, if it made a difference or if I needed to change it; and what meal(s) went down well with the family. 

So - Menu Plan Week One:

Sunday: Honey, ginger and soy chicken, with rice and veggies (being brocolli, carrot and leek). Went down well with family... the baby especially!

Monday: Pumpkin Lasagne I know this goes down well as have done it a couple of previous times... hubby especially likes it. 

Tuesday: Slow-Cooker Stew or Corned Beef - haven't quite decided... will need to take meat out the night before though, so need to decide by tomorrow.

Friday: Pizza (always a homemade gluten-free pizza for us and something quick and easy for kids)!

I'd be interested in knowing if any of you have a 'plan' for housework, or just do it as it needs doing? I have always had a basic plan in my mind, especially regarding the washing - just to make sure everything gets done, and I don't suddenly have a mountain of washing to do at the end of the week! So this is how I tend to cover things:

Everyday - Make beds, keep the kitchen clean and tidy, cook dinner, do whatever washing is necessary that day, tidy up the kids toys, fold and put away washing from the day before... then I add in whatever else I feel needs doing that day (I keep a diary on the kitchen bench for this), and bring over whatever I haven't finished from the day before's list.

Every Other Day - vacuum downstairs living area and make a loaf of gluten-free bread for hubby and Button (have I mentioned we have had to take Button off gluten again?).

Monday - Strip and remake kids beds and wash their linen. Try and vacuum the downstairs living area, especially if it didn't get done over the weekend, catch up on any other washing from the weekend.

Tuesday - Strip and remake our bed and wash our linen, and any other washing.

Wednesday - Wash all the towels and any other washing. Every other Wednesday evening is grocery shopping - much easier doing it myself, and without the children... I actually quite enjoy it when I don't have time and child pressures!

Thursday / Friday - One of those days I can generally have a break from the washing, but instead I make sure I give the whole house a vacuum (not just the downstairs living area), mop the dining room floor, and hubby will do the bathrooms and toilets on a Friday evening generally as well.

This is how I split up the basic stuff - we have just started doing "Friday Night Chores", so that is generally when the mopping and bathroom/toilets get done; just takes the pressure off the weekends, however I still try and do washing at least one of those days, and keep the house basically tidy... (basically being the operative word *grin*)

But there are always other little chores to add in - different ones each week, each day even! For example; baking, typing minutes up from meetings, cleaning up a messy corner, tidying the fridge / freezer (night before rubbish day *grin*), collecting firewood if I know a cold-snap is coming etc! It never ends some days...

So - that is basically how I do stuff around here. How do you split up the housework? Do you menu plan?


Woooooo, I'm impressed! You probably knew this would be my kinda post, right?! I write my menu plan before doing the weekly shop, then transfer it to my new whiteboard (squee!) based on best before dates of meat etc, and the potential for leftovers for hubby's lunches. And I have literally just made myself a cleaning schedule, as I was feeling daunted at the prospect of cleaning a two-storied house!
I like the sound of the chicken, leek and pear dish.
I look forward to seeing how this all works out for you xx
Amy said…
Well, I'm a planner by nature (as you know!) so I survive by my diary...I even use different colours now - orange for study/work, purple for people, green for chooks/garden! Being visual, that helps me SO much. We've been doing Sunday Houseday lately - the idea is to do all the basic housework plus a few extras like de-moulding windows, weeding, etc, but mostly we are just managing the vacuuming, dusting, and bathrooms. Towels and sheets are fortnightly on Sundays. other washing as needed/weather is good. Going to follow your lead and do the monthly shop alone in an evening, but Munchkin and I usually buy bananas/etc twice a week. Menu planning is weekly or fortnightly depending what fit on my A4 page last time, what's in the house, and whether our activities change much!
Hope your plan works well for you!
I know where you are coming from, but sometimes the best laid plans.... I guess I had my routines, but I don't know that I ever sat down and wrote them out.
Love and blessings
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