Sunday Planning Went AWOL This Week!

We had a rough afternoon/evening with the little one yesterday, as mentioned in my previous post he is changing his routine; but I am also wondering if he is a bit off-colour. So last night I didn't get him down until 8:15pm, and we still had to eat dinner and clean up (kids had already eaten obviously *grin*); which meant by the time we got through all that, it was time for a shower and bed... I have vague memories of last Sunday night being rough also, although not as bad as this. Will be watching him, and maybe booking in a Doctor app tomorrow to check his throat.

So no planning as such (other than tonight's dinner), however I figure I could give you a run-down on how last week went and then do some planning tonight (hopefully), and then update this post once I have done that!

Here is last weeks original plan, then in red I'll let you know what actually happened in 'real life'!

Menu Plan Week One:

Sunday: Honey, ginger and soy chicken, with rice and veggies (being brocolli, carrot and leek). 

Done - HUGE success with whole family; although having trouble convincing Button to eat a reasonable dinner these days. Partly tired, as she just can't seem to catch up on her sleep at the moment, and partly stubborn ('I don't like that' is a typical statement the moment she sits up, and before she has even tried it - hubby hates this, and is really coming down hard on it at the moment).

Monday: Pumpkin Lasagne I know this goes down well as have done it a couple of previous times... hubby especially likes it. 

Again - I managed this one also, and a success (have done both these meals before), the kids aren't as keen on the Pumpkin Lasagne as hubby is; but will at least eat a bit of it. If 'lil M is too tired, he won't eat anything except banana and yoghurt or spaghetti and sausage; so he had a few mouthfuls, but not a lot - however he has eaten it before, and liked it. This time, instead of doing the whole 400g of mince (or whatever the recipe says), I did probably 200-250g, then in the food processor I whizzed up a tin of beans and a tin of chickpeas, and added these in to bulk it up. You'd have never known they were in it, it added more protein for the kids and it meant there were leftovers for hubby the next day!

Tuesday: Slow-Cooker Stew or Corned Beef - haven't quite decided... will need to take meat out the night before though, so need to decide by tomorrow.

I, again, managed the stew... we were meant to go out with family that day; but the weather didn't look great and 'lil M was still recovering from last weeks cold - so I cancelled, This was the original reason I chose a crockpot meal for that evening; but in the end, it took so long to prepare that I cooked it on high most of the day and it wouldn't have been ready in time for me to have gone out anyway. I think the lesson learnt here  - is to prepare it the evening before, pop it into the fridge overnight, and then stick it on low first thing that morning. Saves stress and time in the morning... so learn from my mistakes :-)!

Went pear-shaped today (hahaha); the baby was a mess, and wouldn't leave me alone, and there was no way I could prepare the above meal with a cling-on attached to my hip all afternoon... so it was good 'ole 'Pasta and Tuna Bake' instead!

So tonight I decided to swap over, and I did 'Chicken in Leek and Pear Sauce' instead, as the baby gave me two good sleeps (catching up on himself)... this went down well with me and baby, and eventually when Button tried it - she enjoyed it as well, but originally she couldn't quite get her head around having pear in a dinner meal! Like father, like daughter... Hubby was brought up by his Nana, who cooked very basic and very traditional meals - he does not tolerate fruit in a main meal EVER, so he had the little tantrum that night! I only do it once in a while because of him, but I base my cooking around him and his allergies so much that I decided to do something I knew I would like that night (and I did, totally LOVED it)!

Friday: Pizza (always a homemade gluten-free pizza for us and something quick and easy for kids)!

This stayed the same, as it does every week... kids had a sausage as we walked around the Botanical Gardens, and then came home and had banana and yoghurt before heading to bed! 

Our friends who were babysitting came for dinner, so I initially changed this to the Corned Beef and mashed potato option... but typically, I forget to get the corned beef out of the freezer - so it was roast chicken, and roast veggies with carrot and brocolli. Everything was cooked well, and we all enjoyed it - even the kids ate well that night, I guess the novelty of having others feeding them makes a difference!

So that was this past week, but back to this week now - last night hubby made an omelette from the leftover veggies and chicken from the night before (I had planned on doing the quiche, however was so tired I was told to sit and relax instead)! Tonight we're having that elusive corned beef and mashed potato; and tomorrow I think I might try that Italian Herbed Lamb Stew - as we still have the lamb sitting in the freezer! So that is three nights sorted... Wednesday will be quick and easy, as it is grocery shopping that night; and then the rest of the week will include my parents, who are arriving Thursday for a few days.

I am hoping to sit down tonight and get the rest of the meals planned, as well as the shopping list (I might even manage to plan further ahead, in order to manage my grocery shopping better)! I will also hopefully get some other planning down for the week, and maybe - if the evening goes well, and I am quick enough; I might get the minutes done for the last TNT Committee Meeting... 

Tomorrow night will probably not be a gluten-free post; rather a 'Life Below The Line' post instead, had hoped to have had spare time this weekend to have sat down and written that up - but it has been crazy busy (but worth it, we still managed 'Date Night' on Saturday, wahoo)!

If you want recipes to any of the meals on last weeks menu, then pop back to the original post and follow the links!

I never thought I'd get this post completed today, I had a huge 'fight' with 'lil M to get him down to sleep this morning; despite the fact he'd only had 1 hours sleep yesterday, had gone to sleep late last night and woken early this morning (before 6am)... generally this would mean he is so over-tired he'd only give me a 45 minute nap; but all is quiet still. LONG may it last! Poor little fellow, I had to let him cry it out today as I knew he was tired and I just couldn't give in - I very rarely leave him to do this; I HATE it with a passion, but I knew today that it would be worse for him if he didn't get some sleep this morning. This time 'Mummy REALLY knows best' despite what he thinks, and I had to play the Mummy-Card. Urghhh, hope he forgives me when he gets up...

The Little Terror struck again, screaming and/or awake until 9pm this time (he slept this morning for over two solid hours in the end)... I will be taking him to the Doctor just to check him over (it's free, may as well make the most of it). But this evening it seemed quite clear that the rascal is just testing his limits - he has shown a stubborn streak now and again, but never like this (hence the need to make sure there is nothing physical causing this change in behaviour). I do remember Button trying it on about the same age as well though...

So no meal-planning happening again... just a tired, glazed brain trying to read through some blogs as I wait until hubby is ready for bed.

And then we have to decide on a game-plan for managing this new behaviour... I left him screaming this morning, it took 45 minutes before he crashed. This evening we left him again, at the 55 minute mark Hubby went up - he stopped instantly, hubby cuddled him for ten minutes and gently popped him back to bed thinking he was asleep... he wasn't. Half an hour later I gave in and went up - no tears, just anger... just screaming, not interested in having a drink of water, just wanted cuddling to sleep. So I picked him up, sat on the chair, told him to be quiet and waited for him to fall asleep - 30 minutes later he finally gave in, 15 minutes after that I finally got to put him down (for the night hopefully). 

Anyone else dealt with this? Any idea's? 

He has been an amazing sleeper, and even if he has refused to sleep - he has always been happy to sit in his cot quietly and play and/or chat to himself (day time only of course). Nights have been SO easy, put him to bed - never hear from him again... until last week for the day sleeps, and yesterday for the night sleeps. Just not sure what is going on now, will get him physically checked out tomorrow and then make a decision I guess. Not interested in cuddling him to sleep every night, have thought through the whole 'scared of the dark' scenario - but this started during the day, and his room is not dark then. 


PS - Worked it out, two words 'Separation Anxiety'... this too shall pass! Until then we stay calm and use reassurance!!!


No doubt he has forgiven you and all is reasonably well in your home by now :-)
Love and Blessings
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