Two Things...

1) 'lil M had his first ever haircut today... by me; first AND last might I add! I don't mind at this age doing it, as they have no idea what is going on and don't care if it's 'a little' crooked; but when they get old enough to understand - then it goes professional!

I got Mum to trim Button's hair the first time, and she moved at precisely the wrong moment (I'll have to dig up some photos to show you at some stage), was not a pretty first trim! So - I think I have done pretty good for 'lil M, considering I have NEVER done this before, and neither has he!

The two middle photos are to show you just how long it had grown, and how desperately he needed the trim... this afternoon he had such red eyes, I didn't know if it was because he was tired, or because his fringe was in his eyes; poor lad!

No more little baby left...

2) I have taken my very first step in my journey to living simply! I have not really discussed it here before, as the plan is to start a new blog (soon, hahaha) and document our journey to simple living...

You all know that I have really taken to the whole gluten-free cooking and baking (out of necessity)... well lately I have become very interested in taking a look into other area's of our lives that need cleaning up! Passionate might well be a better description - I'm all on with the talk, and have finally started to put feet behind it!

Again - this has been born out of necessity... we are struggling, and out of a desire to save money I started to look into what I could be doing more efficiently to help us out. But 'the bug bit me', I have become more and more focused on the whole concept of 'Simple Living' as a way of life.

But it is one of those things that require a small investment first, in order to purchase all the ingredients, but in the long run could save you literally hundreds of dollars per year... however, I just haven't been able to squeeze anything out of the already tight budget in the past few weeks. Plus hubby really wants me to do my homework properly - he is keen, but he wants to see the figures and proof that it really is as good as people say, AND will save us money.

All I will be doing initially is home-made cleaners; specifically washing powder, dishwasher powder and your general Spray n Wipe type cleaners... so I am spending loads of time researching, and trying to find recipes for cleaners that will suit us and be as cheap as possible (even some of the home-made cleaners don't sound overly cheap)!

But today - it dawned on me, as I was peeling an orange for the kids for lunch, that I could actually start a citrus cleaner right here and right now... all it takes (as the link will show) is orange or lemon peels, white vinegar and a glass jar / bottle! All of which I have! Admittedly the 'glass bottle' is a spice jar (a bigger than average one, but still only a spice jar); however it fitted the peelings from the first orange and will do the job until I have a few spare dollars to buy a few BIGGER glass jars and really get things moving!

I am SO excited... I am finally putting feet to my dreams, and making it a reality!

Look out, and be ready for more of this! 

PS - Button said probably what is the most embarrassing 
thing to date today... we popped down to the Doctor to check a rash out on her, just to make sure there was nothing to worry about. She was fine, nothing to worry about and nothing much we can do; but as we were leaving she farted, and instead of leaving it and walking out then door - a little voice said 'Goodbye, from me who did the smelly fart'. I could have died, thankfully the Doctor is of a Grandad age and just laughed... but still *cringe*!


Thanks for the fart giggle :-) thankfully I never had that one to cope with.
Must follow up on the cleaner...
Blessings and love
Amy said…
Ahahaha! Gotta love the things kids say. It's never quiet, is it?!
Oh, your cleaner looks interesting. Don't you buy jam in jars? You don't need to buy jars specifically if you do (or someone you know does). Just scrub the label off. Most of my jars are old jam jars of some size or other, and my herbs that don't fit the spice rack have recently graduated into old Nappy Balm jars!
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