Word Verification Back On...

Good Morning,

I am getting spam like I have never had it before... so have had to turn Word Verification back on, so sorry! I hate the thing, and have held off for ages - but I am dealing with loads of spam comments every.single.day and am over it!

I am also not going to be able to do a 'On Topic Tuesday' post tonight, as I have a meeting to attend... tomorrow I will be doing groceries, and Saturday I have the 2nd Blog Camp (yay, SO excited). I am hoping I can get the time to do some blogging on either Thursday or Friday evenings, but the kids are sick again; so it depends how well they sleep and how tired I am, or am not!

Hoping to see you all again soon!

Gluten-Free Monte Carlo Biscuits, baked last night!


Yay - those biscuits looks great. Bummer about the spam - I have had a very slight increase recently too :-(.
Love and blessings
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