Eat Your Heart Out...

Check out these eyelashes...

That's my boy!

The men on my side of the family all have A.M.A.Z.I.N.G eyelashes... it never seems to fall the right way for us girls; it is just the boys! 

And they just don't appreciate it!

But it's happened again... Button has beautiful eyes, dark eyelashes, and striking eyebrows:

But once again, it has been 'lil M who got those mile-long eyelashes... (although those eyebrows may need a little liner in the years to come, hehehe)!

When he was born they were so tightly curled up, and so light - we honestly thought he been born without eyelashes; but as the days went by, it became obvious they were there... and then it became OBVIOUS!!!!

My Dad has them, my older brother HAS them in droves, and his son has them... and now my son (I'm not sure about my younger brother though)!

Oh for it to fall on the female side one day!


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