Inspiration - Take Two...

Urghhh - I have had very little chance to turn my computer on since LAST Saturday... so much to catch up on, and so much I want to share! Am hoping I'll have the time to complete this post today; but even that could quite possibly be a non-event!

But either way - I'll start it now, and see how much I can manage...

I thought, as much for myself as for you, that I would share a post where all my inspirational and challenging blogs / websites are altogether... I have a few up here on my laptop, and a few on the tablet, as well as a few I hope I will remember and check on every once in a while! I figure if I have them altogether here, I can pop back in when I forget a link or lose one - and in the meantime, some of them may (or may not) inspire you as well!

I have a number of different area's of interest, so will be putting them into categories (that make sense to me), and that way you can skip over things that don't work for you! You will probably find I pop back in every now and then, and edit it to include new websites and blogs I find as well... will make sure I mention it every now and then in other blog posts, as I edit and add!

Gluten-Free Living and Cooking in New Zealand:

Gluten-Free Living and Cooking Around The World:

Gluten Free Mommy No longer current, but has a huge archive of recipes, plus a whole list of other gluten-free blogs which I have yet to make my way through...
Gluten-Free Goddess Huge archive of recipes
Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free Hubby reacts to fructose as well as gluten, which means we're now in the throes of trying to cut back on sugar in our diets - this is a really amazing resource for this... makes me realise it can be done!

I try hard to stick to New Zealand blogs and websites when it comes to cooking, and gluten-free information and recipes - mainly because then I know I can purchase all the ingredients. I have found a lot of the oversea's websites use dozens of ingredients, the recipe is long and confusing and I don't know what half the stuff is - let alone where to purchase it! However, some are still really good and can be adjusted to suit us and our needs... these are the ones above, as well as a few others along the way that I have found, but since lost the link to hence the need for a post such as this!

Other Foodie Websites:

Of course there are also many bloggy friends around New Zealand whom I follow, who also share their love of food with us... some of my favourites are: Ange and Meghan, but there are many others as well!

More Than Just Food Blogs (Organisational / Menu Planning etc):

Utterly Scrummy - This is a UK Blog that Vicki introduced me too, the author is a kiwi lady and while she lives and writes in the UK, she is really inspirational in area's I need DESPERATE help in (organisation, menu planning and budgeting)!
Craving Fresh - Kiwi Blogger who (like Home-Grown Kitchen above) tries to use everyday fresh food in her cooking, and cooks from scratch.

Simple (and frugal) Living & Green Cleaning Websites (Australasia):

I am not sure just how clear I have made this before, but we are on a journey to simplify our lives in terms of eating and cooking, and in terms of cleaning and organisation, and in terms of frugal living... It really is just the start, but something has had to change - and this is what is being done! It was either that, or keep going down the same path and getting the same results; which were just not working for us. Unfortunately all this requires a bit of money for the set-up, and currently that is not possible... but I am hopeful that once Christmas is over, we can reassess our budget and really start to look into this SERIOUSLY, because the idea is that over time it will save us money! Until then - I keep finding new and really interesting websites to inspire me, and keep the dream alive (and sometimes, of course, give me little gems I can do now - like this citrus cleaner I shared with you a few weeks ago)!

Simple Homekeeping This blog is no longer current, but it has some great green cleaning recipes archived away in there... one of them I will be trying soon!

Simple (and frugal) Living & Green Cleaning Websites (Around The World):

Some of these blogs and websites I have yet to really look through, so I am not necessarily recommending them - just sharing them with you, in case you're interested!

Inspiration Marriage and Parenting Websites:

Most of these are not local websites, they're american - but that doesn't mean we can't glean some good stuff out of them! A lot of them are also Christian, or at least Christian based blogs / websites... and again, I have yet to really go through all of them and take a good look; but what I have seen I like! There are just not enough hours in the day for me to read everything... 

Okay - enough, enough already...

There are so many more inspirational websites out there, this doesn't even amount to a drop in the bucket - I could go on and on, but I am feeling overwhelmed already; so think I will stop here and post this before it never happens! I have been working on this post since Wednesday; yep, silly huh!

Now - now off to spend a couple of hours menu planning; hoping to get a few weeks worth done (or at least started), and give myself a good head start leading up to Christmas!


Loads of resources there!!
Blessings and love
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