Move Over Taylor Swift!

There is another blonde bombshell in town...
She can sing, dance and play to the camera!

All for the camera baby...
All for the camera!

Check out that sad face; 
you'd almost believe her if you didn't know her like we do!

This child can seriously turn it on for the camera - she gives you the 'happy face' and then gives you the 'sad face', and then wants to see the pictures!

But those sad faces - they can look like seriously sad faces; prime example below:

That my friends, is ALL FOR THE CAMERA!
The look, the pose, those legs...

New Zealands Next Top Model - here we come!
New Zealands Next Best Actress - here we come!
New Zealands Top 'You Got Talent' (remember - she can sing AND dance) - here we come!

Yep - everyday we get played in some form or another... we are learning to 'read the signs' and work it out; but that girl has drama written all over her! The teens are going to be fun!

Be on the look-out for her also! 

She's going to make it... 'cause she's got talent!


Not only talent but also intelligence - you may well have you hands full :-).
Blessings and love
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