Quiet Week in Blogland

It is quiet here in blogland for me... my apologies! 

It is holidays, so I have both kidlets home all day at the moment - which means NO down-time for me at all, there is always someone up and around my legs!!!!!

The moon peeking through the clouds one evening...

'lil M is teething - I mean seriously teething, I mean eye-teeth teething... this means sleep deprivation like not seen since new-born days! On Saturday night he was up every 45-60 minutes between midnight and 7am... I am SO grateful it was over the weekend, and not a week night, it meant we both took turns getting up to him (and then Button who had a bad dream, and was up and down for 1.5 hours in the middle of it all)! It also meant that we both got to sneak off for a couple of hours sleep at different times during the afternoon... since then he has only given us two good nights; but thankfully none of the other nights have been quite as bad as that one!

Daddy and son bonding - playing rough one evening!

This week has also seen me and the kids get little colds - nothing serious, but enough to feel the exhaustion in every bone in my body and generally just be off-colour! Yesterday 'lil M gave us two sleeps, so I dozed on the couch both times - Button was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G; and just played quietly, or watched a DVD. I didn't even get out of my PJ's until 1pm... but I made up for it in the afternoon, and we went outside and played in the bottom paddock for a couple of hours.

A very tired Button after Preschool one day last week!

I have also had meetings, minutes to type up, my Mum in surgery and other such issues to deal with this week - just a fairly busy family week, nothing HUGE to deal with; but enough busyness to keep me away from the computer!

Button has given me a 'Quiet Time' today, and has been playing in her room for the past 30-45 minutes, so had better go rescue her (it took some serious BBC though - Bribery, Blackmail and Corruption)! I'll hopefully get a few more minutes to catch up on some blog-reading before life hits full-on again...

Hopefully next week will be a better week for blogging!


Amy said…
Sounds like it has been a bit of a 'survival' week for you, hope you get some good sleep soon and loads of bloggy inspiration and time to write (so I can read, of course, hehe!).
Hopefully this week will be better :-). Love the photo of Button!!
Love and blessings
Hopefully this weekend has seen you catch up on some sleep! H is eye-teething too...fun, isn't it :-/
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