Still Here...

I'm still here; but the eye-teeth are still coming... two are up, the third is poking it's head slowly through right now. This means two things:

- Very little sleep for all of us (except Button)!
- The end is in sight, only one more little tooth to do damage after this one finally pokes through... and then a break; some grace, and hopefully a whole lotta catch-up sleep!

So right now, we are all on 'survival mode'; waiting for this little tooth to finish making pain, then we might get a few good nights before the next one starts (managed four nights between the last two teeth)!

But I am still managing to keep the cupboards fairly regularly full of yummy baking:

The rest are still on my phone or camera... have not managed to upload them yet; ooops! Managed to make my first successful batch of g-f muffins yesterday - Orange Muffins and lemon icing, courtesy of Alison Holst; to die for! Out of 19, only 6 are left - they are that GOOD; the kids and hubby couldn't get enough yesterday, and I had guests pop in just as they came out of the oven (thankfully they were successful *grin*)! Will be making those again...

So currently not much going on in my life - not much sleep means a grumpy Mummy who is barely holding it together! Off to the Doctor's today to get some hayfever tablets, hoping that will help how I am feeling as well... of course it won't take the tiredness away, but at least the constant sore eyes and running nose will settle down!

Hoping once 'this too has passed...', I will be back with avengence, and posting regularly again!


Well done on still baking, and successfully too :-) Yes those teeth can be a pain to more than just Lil'M.
Blessings and love
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