The Best Little Bibs EVER...

For those of you who have dribblers like I do (this is for you Ange, and a sympathetic hand out to you also Amy; wishing we'd known about these three years ago *grin*); then let me introduce to you - the best little bib ever!

This $6.99 investment my friends, has been the best money I have spent in a LONG time... in fact, I have been SO impressed, I went back and we now own five of these little beauties!

'lil M is a dribbler from way back, and in our house he is known as 'The Dribble King', or (as in the link above) 'The King of Dribble'... never seen a kid like it (except my nephew); but apparently there are others out there as well! So I thought I would share my new found 'friend' with you all, in case like me - you are sick of the changing of tops and bibs, and never-ending washing that goes with it! We were seriously changing 'lil M's top and/or bibs 3-4x a day before I found these; now he may get a clean bib on in the afternoon, but he may not either. Even at the end of the day, if his bib hasn't been changed, his clothes are still dry underneath - it's a miracle! Of course, the bib itself isn't dry (nor is it clean I might add)... but that's okay, I don't mind washing 1-2 bibs each day!

So - the information you are now desperate to know... these can be found in both Baby Factory and Baby City; and both cost between $6.95 and $6.99 each! They are put out by babyfirst, and are thus a New Zealand made product, (if you're looking for these specific bibs - you can find them here)! We have found that the smaller size is fine for 'lil M, but there is also a larger one should you require it... they come in about 6 or so different colours, and are all bright and eye-catching! 

I REALLY love them myself, and have found they wash up well - by chance, I also discovered they go through the drier, and come up looking brand new! LOVING IT! The top layer is a velvet type material, which is soft on baby's skin and really absorbent... there are three layers altogether, the bottom layer being a soft plastic-like one (almost a jacket-type material I would describe it as)! I am also loving the fact that it has a dome holding it together - you can tell a parent designed these; it means little fingers can't undo it, and thus take it off! There are also two top (dome) catches, meaning that if they are wearing heavier clothes - the bibs still fit; so many little design features that just make life that bit easier!

So - rush on down and get yourselves some of these, they really will make life (well washing anyway); that little bit less stressful!

And of course - if you have clothes that match these little beauties, then you can expect to get the 'Cuteness Overload Award':

This is totally off my own back, all thoughts and endorsements are my own; and neither babyfirst, Baby Factory nor Baby City know I am writing this!


Thank you!!
Cute threads on your little man there ;)
Good on you for sharing about these :-)
Blessings and love
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