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How do you handle weekends? I had an interesting discussion with someone the other day, she made the comment that she feels like she gets the 'Monday Morning Blues' on Saturday... it kinda blew my mind, she doesn't really 'like' weekends. Huh? What's not to like? But as we continued on with the conversation, it started to make sense - and I could see where she was coming from, and can quite often feel the same way; I have just never got to the point of getting 'the blues' associated with it all! Like me, she has two young children and a busy husband... and in our society we have always seen weekends as 'our time', time to do things for us. But once you have children, that all changes; and in turn this changes the dynamics of the weekend. I totally get that, I often come away from a weekend and wonder what on earth I've accomplished, because I really did nothing on my list of "to-do's", and that can get discouraging.

SO - Have You Seen It Yet?

Just doing a brag... my little blog doesn't have a lot of reasons to brag on, so this one is worth mentioning! There it is - on your right hand side, under the heading 'Awards'... yep, got given that from HotelClub; one of their Top New Zealand Family Blogs 2013! Wahoo!  I got contacted personally, explained that I came up as one of the top Family Blogs during their research, and asked if I could fill out a survey for them about travelling around New Zealand with children. I hesitated, I wasn't going to - so many more blogs worthy of this attention than mine; I almost wrote back to recommend they contacted a few others... BUT then thought better of it! They'd done their research, and for some reason mine came up in their top 30 - so heck, just do it! Take the prestige, fill out the survey and share that award! So I did - I may not have a lot of experience of travelling with children yet, our kids are small and NOT good travellers; but still, we'

MORE Baking!

Microwave Chocolate Fudge Slice Can be made gluten-free... 1c plain flour (we used gluten-free flour of course) 1/2c sugar (I am going to try this with 1/4c honey next time) 1tbsp cocoa 1c coconut 125g butter 1/2tsp vanilla essence Method: Sift all the dry ingredients. Add melted butter and vanilla essence, mix well. Press into an oblong microwave baking pan, and bake on full power for 3.5 minutes ** . Cool a little. Spread with chocolate icing *** , and return to the microwave for a further 30 seconds for a fudgy effect to the icing. ** I put this into an oblong glass dish, but didn't grease it or add baking paper... very difficult to get out. I am not sure what I'd do next time; probably grease it with butter and see if that makes a difference! Variations: Instead of using regular icing - sprinkle chocolate balls / buttons thickly over the top and allow to melt before spreading with a knife to cover. If you run out of coconut, yo

Blooming Where I Am Planted...

Life is getting a little frustrating at the moment... it feels like we're going around and around the exact same mountain; week after week, month after month, year after year.  I am over it. I want change - good change, needed change, happy change  (money-change to, if I am being honest) . I don't know whether it is end-of-year-itis, over-tired-fried Mummy brain, bored-with-life-want-to-make-a-change brain OR anything really... I'm just over it all right now.  BUT - don't stop here, it will get better; I'm just setting the scene for you! However, lately the phrase 'Bloom where you are planted...' keeps coming to mind. Little things people have said, words I have been hearing over Rhema  (radio station) , blog posts as well  (Sophie over at Little Gumnut wrote a post on  Being Inconvenienced  recently, and basically how good things take time) .  Everything keeps pointing me back to 'blooming - right here, right now'! I

Finding The Silver Lining...

In the week that was! It has been one of those weeks... nothing dramatic, thankfully; but a lot of 'little things' going on, or staying off as the case actually was! This evenings lazy, hazy sunset... Those of you who have been reading regularly will surely remember our family car  drama  from back in August; it took over a week to fix and totally wiped us out - the cost taking us both by surprise! However, all fixed and sorted and ready to go for a few more years... or so I thought! Helping Daddy cook pancakes for breakfast this morning... Okay, okay - so the latest 'drama' (ahem, not really a drama per say; but it sounds better that way) , was my own fault... I left a light on after Preschool pick-up last Monday, and by Wednesday it was dead FLAT. Like dead as a doorknob, not even turning over, DEAD!  Photo opportunity yesterday... Our wonderful neighbour, who saved us last time, tried coming to the rescue again and attempted to jump

Fingers In Lots of Pies

Right now it feels like I have dipped my fingers in lots of different pies... just enough to notice the fillings and get all enthusiastic, but not enough to feel the heat or taste it yet! I am not even sure where to start; it feels like there is just SO much to do, and barely enough time to breathe, let alone start exploring even further or deeper! I just need a couple of hours EVERY.SINGLE.DAY when I am fresh, to be able to sit down and focus on one thing and delve a little deeper into it. So once more I have bookmarked, highlighted and got tabs up on my computer and the tablet; hoping to find a bit of time each day to sit and read up a little more... There is the cooking side of things - I am LOVING all the inspirational websites and recipes out on the Internet, the other night I tried Eggplant Moussaka  for the first time: It was divine... and hubby said the best meal I have ever cooked! I have also been trying my hand at different snack foods - hubby has

VERY Belated Ninja-Bake Post...

It's funny how things work out... I wasn't planning on doing the Ninja Bake, but it had been niggling me a little bit; I had the confidence and the time this year to actually do this, and it seemed such a cool thing. SO, eventually I made an effort to read up on it, only to discover that the registrations to be a 'Baker' had closed the day before - so I figured 'it wasn't meant to be'! Next thing I know - there was an e-mail from  Sophie  thanking me for registering; with enough other details for me to realise that she had the wrong Elizabeth, in the wrong city! But it was a 'God-Incidence', and I just knew it! So I e-mailed her straight back, explained the alter-ego issue, but also let her know I actually was keen... and that is how it got started! I registered, but it was decided I would pick two families myself - which I had been thinking of doing anyway! So I duly went up to Button's Preschool and asked the lovely Head Teacher to

Freakin' Good Chippies

Okay - so I saw somewhere on-line that you can make home-made potato chips in the microwave... yeah, yeah I thought; ever the Miss Sceptical! Anyway, the other night, after our 'Pizza Dinner Date' I thought why not? So I carefully chopped up one small potato into thin uneven slices and followed the instructions carefully! I figured that the smaller and thinner the pieces, the better chance it had of working. And you know what - IT WORKED! Hubby was so impressed (I think he started off even more sceptical than me) ; that he has vowed we will never buy potato chips from the supermarket again, and he is on the hunt to buy proper trays for 'chippie making', so it isn't quite so labour intensive! So - here is the proof, and some quick instructions! Photos and second lot of chips made Sunday afternoon, and enjoyed by the whole family! 1) Put three medium sized potatoes (or however many you need to feed your hungry family) , through the slicer on y
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