Blooming Where I Am Planted...

Life is getting a little frustrating at the moment... it feels like we're going around and around the exact same mountain; week after week, month after month, year after year. 

I am over it.

I want change - good change, needed change, happy change (money-change to, if I am being honest).

I don't know whether it is end-of-year-itis, over-tired-fried Mummy brain, bored-with-life-want-to-make-a-change brain OR anything really... I'm just over it all right now. 

BUT - don't stop here, it will get better; I'm just setting the scene for you!

However, lately the phrase 'Bloom where you are planted...' keeps coming to mind. Little things people have said, words I have been hearing over Rhema (radio station), blog posts as well (Sophie over at Little Gumnut wrote a post on Being Inconvenienced recently, and basically how good things take time)

Everything keeps pointing me back to 'blooming - right here, right now'! I think that is going to have to be my phrase for next year; but I can start the ball rolling, get the momentum going now... hopefully making next year a little easier to settle into.

One of the (ahem - many) things I bemoan, is the lack of friends I have here... I have found that trying to socialise and entertain with little people, is actually really difficult for me. Some (most) people seem to just take it in their stride - but I can't, I am just not a multi-tasker; it's either the kids or it's socialising, I simply can't do both very well. 

It's quite freeing knowing this, and it's quite freeing sharing this with you... it is something I have really doubted myself in for years; thinking I am just not capable. No, it's not that at all - it's just not strength of mine, and that is okay! Once the kids get older (and they are getting to a good age now), I'll do better as I won't have to be trying to focus on them every single minute; but for now I know my limits and I will stick within them. A little at a time, learning as we go!

Anyway - the point is, one of the area's I feel myself being challenged in is hospitality... I/we used to have people over a lot, generally for supper or some other rather non-threatening meal due to my 'lack' of kitchen skills; but all this faded once the kids arrived. So these next twelve months are going to be about learning to bloom - in spite of my perceived circumstances. Life is not perfect, there will always be a 'reason' to not entertain / do housework / further my education etc; you fill in the blanks.

Area's I want to bloom in:
- Entertaining more at home, and going out more... just generally putting myself out there; come what may.
- More committed to my blogging; there is a new challenge in the wind, more to come later.
- Trying new things in the kitchen.
- Being more organised: green cleaning, frugality, budget and saving, whole food cooking / eating, menu planning. I am doing better in a lot of these area's already, but there is a vast room for improvement still!
- Using my time more wisely.

But I think for me, the biggest thing is the putting myself out there more... swallowing my pride and just offering to help others out, have others over, and asking / inviting myself around to others places.

What are planning on focusing on next year? Have you thought that far ahead yet?


You go girl - and that is a great phase to have as your focus for next year.
Yup - I have ideas for next year 'floating' at the moment.
Love and blessings
These are some great goals for yourself - achievable, too. I haven't quite figure out any for myself yet...but I know more Me Time will be on that list! x
Amy said…
I popped over and read Little Gumnut's post after reading yours thanks...good to be reminded that God is always working on things, even when we can't see it (and that good things, like you said, do take time - perhaps we are all a vintage Mainland cheese??). Hope you bloom beautifully!
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