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Microwave Chocolate Fudge Slice
Can be made gluten-free...

1c plain flour (we used gluten-free flour of course)
1/2c sugar (I am going to try this with 1/4c honey next time)
1tbsp cocoa
1c coconut
125g butter
1/2tsp vanilla essence

Sift all the dry ingredients.
Add melted butter and vanilla essence, mix well.
Press into an oblong microwave baking pan, and bake on full power for 3.5 minutes**.
Cool a little.
Spread with chocolate icing***, and return to the microwave for a further 30 seconds for a fudgy effect to the icing.

** I put this into an oblong glass dish, but didn't grease it or add baking paper... very difficult to get out. I am not sure what I'd do next time; probably grease it with butter and see if that makes a difference!

Instead of using regular icing - sprinkle chocolate balls / buttons thickly over the top and allow to melt before spreading with a knife to cover.
If you run out of coconut, you can used flaked rice for a crunchier substitute; or half in half.
Reduce the cocoa by half and add 1/2tbsp of orange drink powder for a jaffa effect.

I was given a photocopy of this recipe from a friend of mine, her's was also a photocopy... so where this has come from is anyone's guess! But it is GOOD!

Leonie - here is the link to that G-F Peppermint Slice I was telling you about; surprisingly the base is almost exactly the same as the recipe above!

*** the above highlighted link also gives you the recipe for the chocolate icing that I used on this slice.

Amy - I think you'll like this slice also! Popped over to visit hubby's sister the other day, and took some with me - her and our nieces LOVED it; my biggest compliment! You could also include peppermint essence with the chocolate icing, and turn it into an even quicker and easier peppermint slice... or would that be fatal!!!!!!?????


Amy said…
FATAL, for sure! :o)
Hmmm - I may be tempted by this one - cheap to make, lots of variations and no oven......... ticks all the right boxes.
Love and blessings
Sammy said…
You are a baking machine! Time to host a bloggy get together at your house?
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