SO - Have You Seen It Yet?

Just doing a brag... my little blog doesn't have a lot of reasons to brag on, so this one is worth mentioning!

There it is - on your right hand side, under the heading 'Awards'... yep, got given that from HotelClub; one of their Top New Zealand Family Blogs 2013! Wahoo! 

I got contacted personally, explained that I came up as one of the top Family Blogs during their research, and asked if I could fill out a survey for them about travelling around New Zealand with children.

I hesitated, I wasn't going to - so many more blogs worthy of this attention than mine; I almost wrote back to recommend they contacted a few others... BUT then thought better of it! They'd done their research, and for some reason mine came up in their top 30 - so heck, just do it! Take the prestige, fill out the survey and share that award!

So I did - I may not have a lot of experience of travelling with children yet, our kids are small and NOT good travellers; but still, we'd done enough and I have been around enough, that I figured I could answer the questions legitimately! So I did...

And got my little blog mentioned in their article about travelling around New Zealand; and on their website and through their facebook page! My traffic has increased significantly, and I am so thrilled I answered their call... it has been a win-win situation for me! And I have 'discovered' a number of other blogs and bloggers around New Zealand; out of 15 who responded - I'd only heard of 5 of them (not including my own of course)!

Oh - and the article itself is really well written, and a really good read; so feel free to pop over and have a read for yourself! 

Then come back and let me know IF you found my one liner *grin*!!!!


Yup - found your one-liner - and I wonder why you did Tauranga :-).
Enjoy the award and the traffic.
Love and blessings
Amy said…
Very cool!
And of course, what's not to love about Tauranga (I am not at all biased, of course, grin!).
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