Merry Christmas

And all that jazz!

Thought I had better pop in quickly... I don't think you'll see me here again before the New Year, as it is our turn to travel for Christmas.

It has been a long month, we have all had a summer cold that just will not go away... so everyone is tired and grumpy; add to that the end-of-year tiredness as well as obligations, and it has been a December to almost forget! However I am sure Christmas Day will make up for it!

So while the kiddies are still sleeping (yep, you read that right - it is almost 8am and they're still BOTH asleep - my Christmas miracle); I thought I would take a chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas... May 2014 be all you have dreamed of and much more!

I can now hear movement, so will sign off and quickly post this before the day starts properly!


Hope they sleep that late when they are visiting!! :-)
Looking forward to seeing you
Love and blessings
Sophie said…
Have a lovely Christmas Elizabeth!!
Merry Christmas to you and your lovely wee family xx Safe travels
Sammy said…
Merry Christmas Elizabeth x
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