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One Thing Life Has Taught Me...

Is that everyone has a story. And what you see or perceive on the outside, is not necessarily the reality. Of course the untimely death of Charlotte Dawson  came as rather a shock to most of us, and proves my point - what we saw or perceived as a fairytale life, was not the reality that she was living. But I had been thinking along these lines previous to this anyway - there have been a few instagram quotes lately about kindness; and then a couple of bloggers got honest, and admitted they were struggling  with ' The Black Dog ', just as Charlotte had been. So I have been thinking and wondering how to be a little kinder in this harsh world we live in...  * Sometimes all it takes is a smile! I know a smile from others can make a difference - especially when you're dealing with difficult children; so often you feel the silent judgement, but now and then you get a parent or grandparent who gives you the 'I've been there also, and you will survive&

We Did Something Last Night...

That we vowed we'd never do... We brought the baby into bed with us! I know, I know - it's shocking! Some of you will be shocked that we have never done this before, and some will be shocked that we did this at all... but we did! Really, truly!!!! I have even got photographic evidence, I took four photos and he never even woke up... pretty amazing, and proof of just how tired he was (please excuse the triple-chin-effect, I had minimal movement and just couldn't get a decent pose *grin*) ! See the poor little soul has a heavy cold, and if you've been reading the last few posts you will know he is not a good sleeper at the moment anyway - add that to a heavy cold, and you can see how our night started out! Well, I should be honest and say how hubby's night started out - I have yet another infection, and was in so much pain, and so tired last night; he just left me sleeping. What a honey! So there he is in all his sleeping glory... sideways

Just A Quickie...

I know what you're thinking... hahaha! Thought I'd better stick to my word and try another quick post while I have a few spare moments! The small one is asleep (long may it last, he gave me a good 35 minute tantrum before he finally succumbed) , and the big one is doing some cotton bud painting courtesy of  Sammy !  So - I am starting to feel better finally, and the surgery threat has gone... whew! Still a little way to go before I am out of the woods completely, but I can now parent during the day by myself again, and have a few pain-free moments (like if I ever manage to sit down *grin*) , where I can almost forget these past few days! But now - we have lurched into yet another summer cold... I am blaming the strange summer we are having, you just can't predict the weather or the temperature - gah! Ah well, we have managed a few good weeks up here; hoping it stays for another couple of months! My laid back, easy going and contented baby boy, has turned in

It Looks A Lot Like Love...

It's Valentines Day today; we don't really do Valentines here - generally we will get a card for each other (at my insistence I might add, I 'DO' cards), and maybe there'll a nice home-made meal made by my man! Today has been unlike any other Valentines though; however I did get this lovely bunch of, ahem , weeds picked for me by hubby and son (the thought was there) : I had a card sorted for hubby as usual (my  Mum  is an amazing card maker; which is a huge advantage for me) !  We had plans for a nice roast lamb pizza dinner, to be made and eaten together after the kids had gone to bed, by my man... But as life would have it - I am sick... got a painful infection, need strong pain relief and antibiotics; and am on surgery watch should things not improve over the weekend. I have not had a flare up like this in years (in case you're not familiar with what I am talking about, you can read about my medical condition  here ) , and have not had t

Smaller Posts MIGHT Mean More Posts...

I'm a talker - anyone who knows me in real life knows this, and are probably giggling right now at the extreme understatement the above sentence really is!  Those mouths ALL represent me in a conversation!!! I write like I talk - hence you get LONG rambling posts... and quite often they weave and wave down quite a few different paths and topics. Not really the type of blog people come back to again and again! And this also means that I don't post often, as I have this idea that I need two or three hours to write a post. So then it looks like I am not interested, or I don't have anything to say (hahahahahahaha),  or I just don't have the time. Admittedly that last excuse does ring true SOMETIMES... However, I had a lightbulb moment tonight. Not all posts have to be LONG posts! Or deep and rambling posts... Or even photo-heavy posts !!! They can be short, they can be about; well nothing really, and I can write them more regularly!

This Time Last Year...

I was celebrating  THIS! One year on and I haven't looked back... Who'd have thought it!

Let 2014 Begin!

Okay, okay - so I am a month behind; like a WHOLE month behind! I'm just not sure how; wasn't Christmas just like a week ago?!? Eeeek - if January disappeared this fast, I'm not sure how I am ever going to survive this year; let alone keep up with it all!!!!! Below is a collection of random photos taken through January! I know back in November I wrote a post about  'Blooming Where I am Planted' ; so I thought I would do a bit of an update on where I am with this, and other thoughts I have had regarding 2014! I am SO proud of me, and of us, this year - we really are starting to make plans and follow through with them; the kids are at a good age now, and often play together nicely for a while, and also entertain themselves quite effectively! Button can often spend 30-45 minutes in her room with the door shut (so 'lil M doesn't annoy her) , just playing with her dolls! It is so lovely to see... and all this growing up is starting to give us

We've Been Off Adventuring...

In our own backyard - literally! Admittedly, this was last weekend (and it is now February - eeek, how did that happen?!?) ... I don't know what happened to this past week, actually - better make that month!  Anyway - we decided to go down to the bottom of the property and explore (we may, or may not have, explored parts of the neighbours property also... ahem)!!!! I had no idea there was SO much beauty right on our back door step - I'll let the photos do the talking! The cat came to meet us as we headed back to the house! Sorry for the photo heavy post - I tried downloading Photoscape (which was my editing programme of choice previously),  but it does not like my new operating system :-(! So I will need to spend some time finding one that works with Ubuntu (any computer-savvy folk out there who know what works with Ubuntu?) ; or will just have to work out Gimp after all, which could take some time. Until
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