Smaller Posts MIGHT Mean More Posts...

I'm a talker - anyone who knows me in real life knows this, and are probably giggling right now at the extreme understatement the above sentence really is! 

Those mouths ALL represent me in a conversation!!!

I write like I talk - hence you get LONG rambling posts... and quite often they weave and wave down quite a few different paths and topics. Not really the type of blog people come back to again and again!

And this also means that I don't post often, as I have this idea that I need two or three hours to write a post. So then it looks like I am not interested, or I don't have anything to say (hahahahahahaha), or I just don't have the time.

Admittedly that last excuse does ring true SOMETIMES...

However, I had a lightbulb moment tonight.

Not all posts have to be LONG posts!
Or deep and rambling posts...
Or even photo-heavy posts!!!

They can be short, they can be about; well nothing really, and I can write them more regularly!

And in-between, when I do get an evening with 2-3 hours free; I can slip back into my long rambling dialogues, and remind you all why you love me ;-)!

And maybe, just maybe, by trying to follow the above guidelines - I MIGHT just get around to posting more often, and bringing this blog back to life!


I look forward to them... but shorter, hmmmm........ :-)
Love and blessings
Amy said…
Sometimes just one short thought might be just the inspiration someone needs... just saying, to encourage you to give it a go.
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