We've Been Off Adventuring...

In our own backyard - literally! Admittedly, this was last weekend (and it is now February - eeek, how did that happen?!?)... I don't know what happened to this past week, actually - better make that month! 

Anyway - we decided to go down to the bottom of the property and explore (we may, or may not have, explored parts of the neighbours property also... ahem)!!!! I had no idea there was SO much beauty right on our back door step - I'll let the photos do the talking!

The cat came to meet us as we headed back to the house!

Sorry for the photo heavy post - I tried downloading Photoscape (which was my editing programme of choice previously), but it does not like my new operating system :-(! So I will need to spend some time finding one that works with Ubuntu (any computer-savvy folk out there who know what works with Ubuntu?); or will just have to work out Gimp after all, which could take some time. Until then, I guess a little patience may be required as I bomb you with photo-heavy posts... urghhh! I promise no other posts will be this infiltrated though; this is extreme!

But you have to admit - these pictures are worth it, such an amazing backyard!!!!!


Love that wee stream - you really have the best of both worlds there.
Blessings and love
Amy said…
What an awesome idea! And so beautiful. I just LOVE the photos of MrC and the kids in the long grass. Gorgeous.
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