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I Have Been Photo-Bombing...

Instagram with FOODIE pictures today, and have been asked to share the recipes... which I am delighted to do!
The first recipe was inspired by Cherry Pie Nut Bars on Sugar-Free Mom; but is totally my own creation (you can check out her recipe using the link above). I am totally stoked with it, and the entire family LOVES them (that means BOTH the kids; and hubby - despite an intolerance to fructose, has already devoured two of them)! So I am thinking they will be made again, and again, and again; and the best part of it - it is quick, easy and no bake! It is also open to interpretation, variation and presentation! So go ahead - give it a shot, and change it around... but pop back and let me know what you have done differently; so I can try it also!
The Collins Health Bar!
1/2c roasted almonds (plain will be just fine also) 1/2c dried apricots 1/2c prunes 1/2c sunflower seeds 1/2c pumpkin seeds 1/2c coconut 1/4c linseed
Put all the above into a food processor, and blitz until it is all crumbly..…


As summer slowly melts away; the days get shorter and slightly cooler, the nights longer and darker... and if you're anything like me you start feeling a little melancholy, deeper thoughts start swirling around, and that winter chill creeps into the mind somewhat.

Okay - so that is a little dramatic; but changes in season generally leave us deep-thinking folks pondering a little bit more... This particular change of season, as we head into the cooler months, has got me thinking about seasons in our  own lives.

It has been a particularly 'cool' year for us - we have had a year of almost constant ill-health in our house; sure we might get a good week or two here and there, but over-all we seemed to have battled cold after cough after infection after tummy bug; and so it goes on. It has been literally twelve months - starting in April last year, with 'lil M getting 'Hand, Foot and Mouth' on his first birthday; we'd just come out of six months of almost perfect h…


To Find A Silver Lining 60000 pageviews - 491 posts
Look what happened tonight... I don't have a large following, never have done - but I seem to have a big readership despite that! I am not sure where they come from, or why they come; but the numbers are very inspiring, despite that! 
So grateful - it reminds me to keep plugging away when I can; and to always do (write) my best... as it would be nice if some of them came back again! 
That is my thought for tonight, if I say anything else it'll just take away from what I feel is a mini-triumph for me! 
Thank you to everyone who reads, and everyone who takes the time to comment... I really appreciate you regulars (you know who you are), as you keep me going!

Life Lesson 2...

This post got me thinking, and there is another whole post a-coming (truthfully, it has been coming for a while; but has been stuck in translation between my head and the keyboard)!
So - Life Lesson Two:
There Are Always Two Sides Of The Story!
Perception is personal; what one person says, someone else hears differently (I learnt this first hand very recently - however, that is not my story to tell; but suffice to say it was quite an eye-opening experience!)... What one person remembers, another has no memory of at all (or just plain different). I am shocking for remembering stories/memories wrong; I don't know why - I remember numbers and names well, but stories/memories I always muddle up in my mind. So quite often if I go to share a memory with someone, they'll be quite taken aback - as what I am saying does not match with what they remember. Or I'll quite innocently refer back to a previous conversation with someone, and more often than not the response is 'that is no…

Easy Snacks... Nutritional Snacks... Yummy Snacks... Allergy-Friendly Snacks!

I had a friend visit me a year or so ago and she brought with her some fruit balls - they were allergy friendly, and rather scrummy; but they had sugar in them. I have been on a bit of a mission since then to try and recreate these scrumptious morsels, with less or no sugar; and I think I have have finally found the secret!
So let me share with you my fruit ball recipe!

Above: Prune and Date Balls
250g dried fruit of your choice (I love apricots, or prunes - above is the first time I have tried dates)! 1/4-1/2c of honey (pref raw) and/or coconut oil - this all depends on how sweet you like things, prunes for example don't need sweetening; however apricots can sometimes require a little extra. I also gage how much to use depending on how moist the fruit is - prunes only require 1/4c of coconut oil, but the apricots require a whole 1/2c and I halve it between coconut oil and honey. Just have a play and see what you like here... Rind of one lemon or orange 2 tbsp of juice from the above fr…
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