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Quick Update...

Think I am slowly losing my blogging mojo; although I am sure it is just a season, and things will return to working order soon enough! I am not even slightly interested in giving blogging up - just taking an enforced break, due to life in all it's fullness!

So it is a busy season right now - the little one is getting bigger and bigger, and more demanding (as they do *grin*)! He requires more attention, and far more outside stimulation, it is he who tantrums when we leave Preschool, as he doesn't want to leave... So next term we are starting Mainly Music on a Wednesday, and once our Preschool starts to increase their roll and take on two year olds (which is on the cards); he'll be the very first to be enrolled for one morning a week!

Until then Mummy is being kept very busy trying to keep him busy and stimulated! It was 'lil M's 2nd birthday last weekend - we have yet to formally celebrate it (other than as a family); and he hasn't really had his proper birthday …