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Think I am slowly losing my blogging mojo; although I am sure it is just a season, and things will return to working order soon enough! I am not even slightly interested in giving blogging up - just taking an enforced break, due to life in all it's fullness!

So it is a busy season right now - the little one is getting bigger and bigger, and more demanding (as they do *grin*)! He requires more attention, and far more outside stimulation, it is he who tantrums when we leave Preschool, as he doesn't want to leave... So next term we are starting Mainly Music on a Wednesday, and once our Preschool starts to increase their roll and take on two year olds (which is on the cards); he'll be the very first to be enrolled for one morning a week!

Until then Mummy is being kept very busy trying to keep him busy and stimulated! It was 'lil M's 2nd birthday last weekend - we have yet to formally celebrate it (other than as a family); and he hasn't really had his proper birthday gift yet either (hmmmm, remnants of his 1st birthday last year). However he had a good day, and enjoys the part-present he got; a train track, hubby was meant to have built him a proper train table to go with it as well, but hopefully this coming week! 

I also have a whole load of little projects on the go at the moment, and they are taking up my spare time - hence the inability and time to blog!  I have completed the CAP Course (finally), and am working hard on the budget that will help us start to get ahead... I am also working hard at cutting our food budget down, while still cooking my family wholesome and healthy meals. This includes things such as menu planning, working out an approximate price-list to go with the shopping list when out grocery shopping; having a master-list for shopping, along with a regular fortnightly list! Searching online for the best deals first, and then working my errands list around the right shops for the right products; and working with cash, not cards. *Deep Breath*, that is a lot to begin with, but it will be well worth it once I have everything at my finger tips, and know exactly where every cent goes... I have yet to set up a proper spreadsheet as well, so I can track all these things - so many more hours of work ahead here; but I feel really good knowing I am doing my bit for us!

Another 'little' project I have been working on is a booklet of gluten-free snacks; I have come across a few parents through Preschool who are also dealing with allergy-kids, and some of them are really struggling. I can fully appreciate and understand this, and said to one of the teachers that I will throw together some recipes for these parents - but I have discovered I have a plethora of information that I have been soaking up these past few years, and am excited to be sharing it! So this 'little booklet' has turned into over 30 pages of idea's and recipes (not all my own by any stretch of the imagination, but all have been sourced to the correct people if I know where they have come from), and there are still at least two or three more sections I have yet to even start! The problem has become - where to stop! I can't put every single recipe in that I find; so I have to stop somewhere, and that is where I am struggling; hehehe! I am so inspired by this project that I just keep finding more good things to include for them to try (oh, and me as well *grin*)

This has been such an inspiring and exciting project for me that I am now planning on doing a booklet for all meals - dinners being next! This is the one that I struggle with the most; especially now Button has had to go off dairy, as it has limited us significantly. The rest of the booklets will be mainly for me really, it is just putting all our favourite family recipes together, and adding others that I think the family may like; it'll help make menu-planning and grocery shopping so much simpler once completed!

We are also really starting to knuckle down and plan our future - things have been sailing along, and suddenly we realised we have just been going around in circles; and not really gaining any ground. Some of this includes the budgeting and things, as this will be a huge boost in moving forward; but all the previous plans we'd made 12-18 months ago just weren't happening. This has meant that I have been slowly 'shifting away' emotionally, and just trying to focus on the here and now, and not get caught up in the future; it has been leaving me feeling a little frustrated and disappointed... Then the other night hubby sat me down and gave me some idea's for stepping stones to get to our dreams; and I have grabbed these with two hands and am running again! I am really excited by these changes, and can see it happening - so am back on board once more. I won't be sharing anything here at this stage, as they are still in the dream-stage; not even planning yet... that won't come for a few months yet. Once things are set in concrete, I will be able to start sharing more here - but until then, lets just say there is going to be more 'little' projects in the mix, which may mean even less time for blogging!

We have had some bad health moments again, really hoping that this winter isn't going to be as bad as last winter. However, this year I will be looking into some more natural remedies and ways of boosting the kids immune systems; and hopefully that will also help in the big scheme of things. 

We're off to stay with my parents tomorrow, meant to have gone today but the kids are unwell (hhmmm - how surprising is that *sigh*)! Hubby will head back late Monday, and then me and the kids stay on until Friday... It is Mum and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary early next month, so my sis-in-law and I are putting on a small family meal for them while we are down, and then catering for an afternoon tea that a few of their friends have been invited to. It really is a small affair, but with three children under 4 years in tow; and two very tight budgets - it needed to be. But Mum and Dad really appreciate the gesture, and are looking forward to it!

I had my first ever 24 hours away from the kids and hubby last weekend... a friends Mother had died, so I went down to the funeral with another good friend; it was a lovely girly trip (other than the reason behind it), and while I missed my little family - I enjoyed the chance to relax and just 'be me' for the first time in years!

Anyway - I now need to go and put on my Mummy-hat again and check on these two little cuties before heading to bed myself... hoping we get a better night than last night, which will make the trip tomorrow that little bit easier on us all!

Good night,


So glad you are here - and looking forward to to some long chats :-)
Love and blessings
Sounds like things are on track for you! I thought I was losing my blogging mojo again too, but I realised recently that it isn't that I don't want to blog, I just don't have the time right now! Interestingly, now that we're back into routine with kindy, I'm finding I'm back into wanting to write and having the time to write.
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