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3 Things I Can't Live Without...

I had a crisis of sorts the other day... and it got me thinking! You see my dishwasher flooded and died, but unfortunately it was on a Thursday night, and we didn't get hold of the Landlord until late Friday! He very sweetly offered to get someone out on Saturday, but hubby said no - that would have doubled the cost to repair it; and it is ONLY a dishwasher! ONLY a dishwasher - I was furious, I had spent half the day on Friday washing dishes; something I haven't had to do for years (between the dishwasher and hubby, I've had it covered) , but of course I could see his point, and theoretically agreed with him, just not emotionally! So we got through the weekend - by late Sunday I am sure my hands had turned into dishwasher-hands; you know, wrinkly and old looking from being in water too much! Then our Landlord popped over and had a quick chat with hubby, and they fiddled with a few things, and wham - it works again! Praise God, my dishwasher works... I know, 1st World P

The Good, The Bad and Those Darn Allergies...

My big brave four year old went for an allergy prick-test today... and I am SO mad!  She is the bravest kid I know - she went for a blood test a while ago regarding  Coeliac Disease , but it came back as negative. Not a tear shed through-out the test, the nurses praised her up something big; and said she behaved better than a lot of adults they have through. Today was no different - except today she had a whole heap of little pricks done, yet responded in the same manner. Brave and fearless; that's my girl! The lady commented that she'd never seen a kid of her age show so many allergies, and it seems obvious to her that she is 'allergy-friendly' (for lack of a better word)!  And yet we still didn't get the results we wanted... I have been fighting the Doctors for ages about this - I now have photographic proof, but this test is probably going to put us back months once more. Her biggest reactions in 'real life' are to dairy and gluten, a

Celebrating Button

In honour of my daughter - I am going to be typing this post up in pink; not because she is a girl, but because she LOVES pink! We have tried hard to steer her away from this stereotype, but you can't convince this girl of anything she doesn't want to know about! So pink it is! Recently this child turned FOUR... quite remarkable really; she is only one year off heading to school. I am excited for her (and us, she gets easier and easier as she gets older ) ; but still in denial that my beautiful first-born is already four! I am stuck for words - I want to write a beautiful post like Ange did about her big boy  turning four  a few weeks ago; it's worth the read, made me cry! But as I sit down, words allude me... it has been a rollercoaster ride; this parenting thing, but oh-so-worth-it. I have never known such depth of love, or frustration, or pride... I have never been so overwhelmed with responsibility, so unsure of myself, so strong in conviction, so hot w
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