3 Things I Can't Live Without...

I had a crisis of sorts the other day... and it got me thinking! You see my dishwasher flooded and died, but unfortunately it was on a Thursday night, and we didn't get hold of the Landlord until late Friday! He very sweetly offered to get someone out on Saturday, but hubby said no - that would have doubled the cost to repair it; and it is ONLY a dishwasher!

ONLY a dishwasher - I was furious, I had spent half the day on Friday washing dishes; something I haven't had to do for years (between the dishwasher and hubby, I've had it covered), but of course I could see his point, and theoretically agreed with him, just not emotionally! So we got through the weekend - by late Sunday I am sure my hands had turned into dishwasher-hands; you know, wrinkly and old looking from being in water too much! Then our Landlord popped over and had a quick chat with hubby, and they fiddled with a few things, and wham - it works again! Praise God, my dishwasher works... I know, 1st World Problems (and I freely admit it)!

But this got me thinking - as a stay-at-home-Mum; what three things could I not live without? The answer surprised me, because in reality as much as I love my smartphone, our tablet and my laptop; I could survive without them! As much as I love my big cake mixer, my food processor and my newly fixed oven (that now works wonderfully); I could make-do without them (JUST). And as much as I love my books, camera and photos - life would go on if I lost them. 

BUT - life would become exceptionally difficult, and maybe just a little too hard to handle without my:

washing machine



Go ahead - laugh outloud, but if you're a stay-at-home-Mum of little ones; I challenge you to imagine your life without these appliances!!!!! Horrible isn't it?!? 

The mountains of washing my family go through is astronomical, and the amount of dishes almost matches it! You can ask my Mum, who often ends up folding washing and doing many loads of dishes each time she stays! I may not use my drier regularly (at least not yet this winter), but life without it would get very smelly in these long wet and cold months we're just heading into! Our lounge is small and cramped as it is, so adding a clothes horse or two into it, just turns it into an inside washing line - with nowhere to sit! I have done this in years past when we only had Button, but with two littlies it is impossible to not only squeeze all the washing onto them, but to also have that much room taken up in our already little lounge. 

Yep - life without my washing machine, drier and dishwasher would be far too difficult to even contemplate; and I have to admit that these basic-of-all-appliances are my can't-live-without trio!

What are the three can't-live-without things in your current day-to-day life?

PS - please note that none of the above photos show our own personal appliances; they all came from google images! I am far to lazy to get up, take photos of and then download them all onto my computer, and finally add them into this post! 


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