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In honour of my daughter - I am going to be typing this post up in pink; not because she is a girl, but because she LOVES pink! We have tried hard to steer her away from this stereotype, but you can't convince this girl of anything she doesn't want to know about! So pink it is!

Recently this child turned FOUR... quite remarkable really; she is only one year off heading to school. I am excited for her (and us, she gets easier and easier as she gets older); but still in denial that my beautiful first-born is already four!

I am stuck for words - I want to write a beautiful post like Ange did about her big boy turning four a few weeks ago; it's worth the read, made me cry! But as I sit down, words allude me... it has been a rollercoaster ride; this parenting thing, but oh-so-worth-it. I have never known such depth of love, or frustration, or pride... I have never been so overwhelmed with responsibility, so unsure of myself, so strong in conviction, so hot with 'righteous' anger (as in a Mother defending her child; don't read me wrong *grin*), so deep in research, so sure about the fight.

Her 'home cake' shared with her cousins.

She makes it all worthwhile - all the tears, fears, love and loyalty come down to this child and her brother. I wouldn't be who I am without her; she has given me the reason to grow and change more than anyone else has, she has stretched me and pulled me, moulded me and required more of me than anyone else has ever done before.

A table full of cousins

She is the most loving and affectionate child I have ever known; seriously! Tonight, for example, she was 'in role' at dinner time... her latest 'role-playing' is that of being the new girl who comes to stay with us for a few weeks because her Mummy is sick!  So over dinner she was 'in role', and turned and looked at her brother and said 'I can't leave him, he is so beautiful'! The cuteness of comments like this often makes my heart skip a beat, I so wish I could video every second to keep on tape for those hard days (including the hard days so I have them on-hand for future bribery and embarrassing moments *grin*)!

A gluten-free and dairy-free impromptu / last minute party-table!

She is our drama-queen, not just in behaviour - but also in real life! She constantly sings and dances, she is always play-acting someone else (generally mother-type roles to her dolls), and she immerses herself in her favourite cartoon characters (Peppa Pig and Caillou) believing she is in their world once the TV gets turned off! I am often referred to as 'Mummy Pig', in an affectionate manner of course *grin*!!! 

She is all-girl sometimes; dress-ups and babies, pink and flowers, rainbows and butterflies. But then you'll find her in gumboots (pink ones of course) outside whizzing around like a pro on her bike, or kicking a ball to her brother. She plays with his trainset and blocks; but I quietly giggle at the different ways they play, chalk and cheese! 

She never stops talking or singing, whether directly to someone or just to herself... and she is our artist-in-budding - always drawing something for someone! She has the most amazing memory, and can go through all her pictures and tell you exactly who she drew it for, and why!

The Preschool Cake - same same, but different!

She is our little Princess, and is quite confident in this, and in our love for her; even on days when we could scrag her, she still seems assured of our love for her. Of this I am so thankful, as I am sure that there have been times I have wounded her deeply with my words - acting anything but loving, yet she forgives and moves on.

She teaches me things every day, this child of mine; constantly asking questions and wanting to know everything. When I ask her why she keeps asking questions - that is her basic answer, 'Mummy, I am still little and learning; so I just need to ask'! Hahaha, cuteness abounds and I can't help but try and answer yet another question!

Celebrated at Preschool with flowers and balloons!

She has an inner-knowing, she just seems to 'get people', and I don't know anyone who hasn't fallen for her charms yet! She is a little bit different with every single teacher at her Preschool, and yet I can confidently say that they all adore her; we are so blessed to have found this place for her.

My precious girl, you are anything but average... stay true to who you are, stay strong in your convictions and stay little for as long as possible! I love who you are becoming, I love this confident Princess who dances and sings for everyone; who will talk to anyone, who tries everything at least once, and who loves with a fierce loyalty hardly seen in adults - let alone a child of your age. 

Keep asking questions sweet child, even if it drives your Mother bananas; as it is the only way you'll get ahead in life. Challenge everything, try everything at least once, and don't be scared to fail... keep moving forward!

We love you,
Mummy and Daddy xxx


Aw, what beautiful words about your beautiful girl. She sounds like such a character, and it is so nice to read that you are finding her more enjoyable as she grows xx
That's our Button!! Not unlike her mother with her questions though ;-).
Love and blessings
Shirley said…
What a great bit of writing Elizabeth. You and your daughter both have great talents and I know you will both go a long way. -you are both strong , forceful people with plenty of life challenges still ahead.
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