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Menu-Planning Monday 4

Will be coming to you later in the week... this Mama is TIRED (4 terrible nights in a row from the small child, and each morning starting between 4:30am to 4:45am; over the teething)! I have been sitting here TRYING to at least get a weeks worth of meals sussed to share on here, but I simply cannot concentrate, and just need to drag my weary body to bed. But I so need to do it SOON - tonight was a throw and hope Cottage Pie done at 4pm, and I felt so stressed and did not enjoy the process at all; and that made me realise how much more I am enjoying cooking when I plan ahead. Tomorrow night is also sorted; in-laws coming for dinner and bringing roast chicken, so I will add in roast veggies and a green side dish, plus hopefully I will find time to make some little fruit pies for dessert, from the left-over pastry from last weeks mini mince pies. I have finally had my computer updated and the photo issue sorted - so once I get some sleep, I will be blogging up a storm; I hope

Menu-Planning Monday 3

Good evening, I am, frustratingly, having trouble synching my new phone in with my computer to download photos; grrrr! The only photos it lets me touch are my instagram ones (weird)... so there are a couple appropriate to include in here, to help make it more interesting; but I have not been able to complete any other blog post! Hubby has tried fixing it, but to no avail - he is going to have another go, but currently he is under enough pressure without me bugging him about this every day!  I have got ideas for blog posts coming out my ears, and photos galore - but nothing I can currently share with you until the above issue is resolved. Well, I could probably write some up and 'borrow' old photos, but there are definitely some which are a no-go! Anyway - onwards and upwards, the point of this post has actually got nothing to do with photos; so will move past this and share with you the current status quo regarding menus! LAST WEEK: Monday 16th June - Spagh

Meal-Planning Monday 2

By the time you are reading this - I 'should' (theoretically) be at the Supermarket doing my shopping for the next fortnights meals. It is currently actually Sunday night as I am typing this, and I have only just managed to sit down and do some planning. We have been busy and/or tired, and life has kind   of ground to a halt in the evenings again... so frustrating; but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! This is going to be a QUICK post, as it is almost 10pm and I need some sleep tonight. Quick synopsis of last weeks menu, and then a quick peek at next weeks, and that will be it! I have photos I would love to include, and I have quite a few other ideas running round in my head - but I just can't spare the time to share them here tonight. IF this week is a better one for sleep, I might find another quiet evening to jump on here, but I am not making any promises! Last Weeks Synopsis: Saturday 7th June -   Lemon & Thyme Pasta (one of  Meghans Recipes )

Menu-Planning Monday

I have decided I need to start trying to write in here more regularly - I am losing interest; although I still think in terms if blog posts, and take photos for them! It is just lack of time, and the inability to chose my priorities wisely at the moment; and by the time I do sit down - the blog post and photos are so out-of-date that I can't be bothered writing it up!  Anyway - I have been doing a LOT of reading lately; on menu-planning and budgeting; as it is always the food that blows our budget out! It has been something I just haven't been able to really get a handle on, and organise myself enough with; BUT I think I have finally found a system that will work for me! Here is what I did last week = I menu-planned for two weeks, then wrote all the ingredients down for each meal (at this stage I am keeping it simple, and just doing dinners) ; I then went through our cupboards and crossed off the ingredients we already had on hand, and with the remaining ingredients I

Empathising With Allergies

Recently I won a Mothers Day gift through the magazine  Allergy Today , based on a letter my sister-in-law  sent in. I was honoured to have won, and thought the letter my sister-in-law sent in was beautifully written; she has given me permission to share it here. Dear Paulette, I’d love to nominate my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, for your Mother’s Day Draw!  Elizabeth has really inspired and challenged me in the way she has tackled multiple food intolerances in her family.  It’s been tough finding recipes to cook for gluten, dairy, and sugar free meals.  It’s been a hard journey for their whole family discovering and identifying their daughter’s intolerances and finding ways to cope with them, having the hardship of watching her feel so unwell and the struggle to work out what to do.  But the thing that inspires me the most about Elizabeth, is that she’s done all this from a place of not cooking.  She used to hate cooking, you see.  And she didn’t think she could bake.  But not any

Raw Cocoa Seed Bar

Aunty Shirley - this is for you! The other day I decided I needed to find a snack bar that used quinoa as it's base! There are hundreds of 'gluten-free' snack bars out there that still use rolled oats as the base; for us it is not possible to do this - while, due to living in Auckland, it is possible to buy 'gluten-free' rolled oats; they are mighty expensive (I have priced them out), and we have to travel a good 30 minutes to purchase them. Not really an economical way to spend our hard-earned time nor money! So I decided there has to be a better way; and while I found a few recipes using quinoa (pronounced keen-wah for those uninitiated in this 'wonder food') ; none of them suited our particular needs or allergies/intolerances! So I amalgamated two or three recipes that I found, and came up with my own version that just used what we had in the cupboards, and all but the two year old like it! He had liked it originally, but like all two year olds -
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