Meal-Planning Monday 2

By the time you are reading this - I 'should' (theoretically) be at the Supermarket doing my shopping for the next fortnights meals. It is currently actually Sunday night as I am typing this, and I have only just managed to sit down and do some planning. We have been busy and/or tired, and life has kind   of ground to a halt in the evenings again... so frustrating; but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

This is going to be a QUICK post, as it is almost 10pm and I need some sleep tonight. Quick synopsis of last weeks menu, and then a quick peek at next weeks, and that will be it! I have photos I would love to include, and I have quite a few other ideas running round in my head - but I just can't spare the time to share them here tonight. IF this week is a better one for sleep, I might find another quiet evening to jump on here, but I am not making any promises!

Last Weeks Synopsis:

Saturday 7th June -  Lemon & Thyme Pasta (one of Meghans Recipes)
Third time we have had this recipe - still a big hit with me and hubby, Button now also loves it, but 'lil M just doesn't get the whole pasta/noodle thing and won't touch anything with those involved. Will keep trying him, I am sure he'll learn to like it eventually!
Sunday 8th June - Gluten-Free Wraps with mince & salad 
Always a big hit in our house - hubby had a go this time, changed up the recipe slightly and was able to roll them out thinner; SO MUCH BETTER than my last attempt! Mince was a bit bland, but both kids had a good go at the dinner this time!
Monday 9th June - Old Fashioned Fish Pie (Healthy Food Guide)
HUGE hit with the whole family - including 'lil M; will be adding this to our family favourite list for sure!
Tuesday 10th June - MY BIRTHDAY - Coconut Oil and Butter Baked Roast Chicken, with little roasties and fresh veggies (Little House on the Valley)
Totally different way of doing a roast chicken - was quite time consuming, but OH SO GOOD! Hubby loved it, and both the kids ate well again that night. I would do it again, but it will probably be reserved for a special occasion dish, due to the time it takes!
Wednesday 11th June - Chicken Fried Rice (from the leftovers) (One Good Thing)
Swapped this one over to Thursday as we had no eggs - but again, big hit with hubby and Button. Was a bit gluggy, as I didn't pre-scramble the eggs, instead let them cook in the rice / chicken; won't do that again! It was quick and easy, and really tasty! Will be adding that to our menu to have with left-over chicken again!
Thursday 12th June - Satay Meatballs (another of Meghans Recipes)
Second time we have tried this with the kids - and both times it was a hit! Again, 'lil M hates the noodles, but he sucked back four meatballs!!!!! This will be a family staple I suspect, as again it is reasonably quick and easy!
Friday 13th June - Family Pizza / Movie Night
Always a favourite, never have to doubt it - even though this time it was vegetarian pizza, as Mummy forgot to save some ham! Ooops!

If you want links to any of the above recipes, then you need to check out my Meal-Planning Monday post from last week.

This Weeks Menu:

Saturday 14th June - Shepherds Pie and Butter Chicken (had friends over for a birthday celebration, and they brought the Butter Chicken (my favourite), and we contributed the Shepherds Pie as the kids can't yet eat Butter Chicken!

Sunday 15th June - Left-Overs, yummy!

Monday 16th June - Spaghetti Bolagnase (quick and easy so Mummy can get to the shops).

Tuesday 17th June - Honeyed Pork and Noodle Stir-fry (Destitute Gourmet).

Wednesday 18th June - Sticky Lemon and Butter Chicken (Petite Kitchen).

Thursday 19th June - Flakey Fish, Capers and Lemon Pasta Bake (Destitute Gourmet).

Friday 20th June - Family Movie Night, GF Wraps with mince and salad this week (instead of pizza).

Saturday 21st June - Sausages, Chips and Veggies (kiddie favourite).

Sunday 22nd June - Friary Lentil Soup with Fresh Bread (Destitute Gourmet).

You may notice there are no links this time; that is because most of the recipes are our of books... if you're interested in one, just let me know, as I am trying to get paper copies of the recipes each week as it makes it easier for cooking and future filing (this means I am hoping to type them up and print them out, thus I can e-mail them through to you easily)!

BIG thanks to everyone who showed interest last week, and who then shared their own menus or left comments! Such a boost!

Hope you all have had a great weekend!


Sounds like a yummy week, and with Lil'M eating, hopefully you will get better sleeping - after the final teeth!
Love and blessings
Marie Turner said…
Spag Bol is an absolute staple in our house! We end up eating it almost every week as it's one of a handful of meals my son will eat! You're on a roll, keep up the good work!
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