Menu-Planning Monday 4

Will be coming to you later in the week... this Mama is TIRED (4 terrible nights in a row from the small child, and each morning starting between 4:30am to 4:45am; over the teething)!

I have been sitting here TRYING to at least get a weeks worth of meals sussed to share on here, but I simply cannot concentrate, and just need to drag my weary body to bed. But I so need to do it SOON - tonight was a throw and hope Cottage Pie done at 4pm, and I felt so stressed and did not enjoy the process at all; and that made me realise how much more I am enjoying cooking when I plan ahead.

Tomorrow night is also sorted; in-laws coming for dinner and bringing roast chicken, so I will add in roast veggies and a green side dish, plus hopefully I will find time to make some little fruit pies for dessert, from the left-over pastry from last weeks mini mince pies.

I have finally had my computer updated and the photo issue sorted - so once I get some sleep, I will be blogging up a storm; I hope! However, during the upgrade it killed my CV - hence why no menu planning was done last night, it was all about panic instead!

Going to sign off now, and leave you with a few photos from our latest walk around Auckland Botanical Gardens yesterday.


At least you made sense!! I do hope you can get back to something more like normal shortly :-).
Love and blessings
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