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Menu Planning Monday 8

Good evening once more, Gosh, despite the rough week last week, with ill-health still rampaging through the house; it has gone by really fast, and here we are at Monday night again! But this Monday night is a good Monday - both children are well, both are generally sleeping through again, and everyone is good! Yay! Long may this last! This is the sight that greeted me on the stairs the other day... I then proceeded to carry on up the stairs, to be greeted with this: It was a laugh or cry moment... but at least I knew he was starting to feel better! So, a quick synopsis from last week: Monday 21st July -  Gluten-free Fish Fingers with homemade chippies, and fresh veggies. Well Nourished Went ok - kids aren't big fish eaters, and they were both still under the weather (in the end Button basically didn't eat all week). But hubby liked them, so will probably try them again when everyone is feeling better, and see how the little people respond that t

Menu Planning Monday 7

Good evening, Well it has been a week from bad-health-hell around here :-(! Poor Button has been sick for two weeks now, first a cold which was then followed by the flu. Hubby brought the flu home from work, we thought he'd just picked up the kids cold - but he has got worse and worse, and then Button started crashing with high fevers (for 3 days and 2 nights - got a bit scary there for a while). She finally started to come right late yesterday, and while she is still not well; we are finally starting to catch glimpses of our little girl again (and not the Drama Queen she turns into when sick) ! From this on Saturday To this late Sunday To this Monday afternoon...  Put herself to sleep watching TV, so cute when they're asleep! Yep, it's been a LONG weekend... now just watching 'lil M, as he wasn't himself today; but hoping it's 'just' teething! Anyway - enough about us, lets get on with the menu! So, a quick synopsis

Menu Planning Monday 6

Ohhhh - so you say it's Tuesday? Did I miss a day somewhere, maybe - I think!?! These days it feels like I miss entire weeks sometimes; time just seems to move faster and faster, and I am getting slower and slower! So - synopsis from last week: Monday 7th July -  Old Fashioned Fish Pie Healthy Food Guide This was well loved last time - but this time we had unexpected guests arrive right on dinner time and the kids were far to excited to eat! So they went to bed on porridge or cornflakes, and Mummy and Daddy enjoyed it later! Tuesday 8th July -  Pasta with sausage and roast pumpkin Destitute Gourmet * Tasteless, and disappointing...  Wednesday 9th July -  Lamb Briyani D estitute Gourmet * Tasteless and disappointing... Thursday 10th July -  Spaghetti with herby meatballs with primavera sauce Destitute Gourmet Swapped this for Chicken Cacciatore - we were getting sick of tasteless mince recipes; and this had been tasty and liked by all la

Something A Little Bit Different...

Back  here  I promised you all something a little bit different to Menu Plans; as that is pretty much all you have seen for a few weeks now! And as much as I love them for me, and the ability they have of taking the stress out of the 'end-of-the-day-itis' we all are feeling by then, it is totally boring seeing only that week after week, even by my minimal standards! So I have been wondering where to start - which blog post should I begin with, to try and drag you all back!  I have decided to start with the drama, car drama that is! Anyone who has been reading this for any length of time, may well remember my post from August last year  'The Day That Never Was' ; talking about our car literally dying on the side of the road as I was doing the Preschool Drop-Off with the children. That was the beginning of two weeks stuck at home with no transport... urghhhh! Unfortunately that has not been the only day like this - four more times since April this year we ha

Menu Planning Monday 5

So - I'm back into the grove again; the two year old is sleeping slightly better, so I am feeling slightly saner! At least I was, but we lost an hour this evening (for the loveliest of reasons - unexpected visit from friends) , and I am still catching up on myself. However, the kids have both eaten and are now asleep; so I am feeling slightly more relaxed! So here is a quick synopsis from last week (as you've only just read it, I will be brief): Monday 30th June -  Throw Together and Hope Cottage Pie As usual - we enjoyed it, but the kids grizzled; think we did manage to convince Button to eat most of it this time though! Tuesday 1st July -  Roast Chicken  (from supermarket, had in-laws for dinner and they brought the chicken) , little roast veggies and fresh veggies. Followed by Jam Tarts! In case you couldn't tell from my previous post   - a roaring success, even 'lil M ate plenty of dinner (still turned up his little nose at the tart; but you can
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