Menu Planning Monday 5

So - I'm back into the grove again; the two year old is sleeping slightly better, so I am feeling slightly saner! At least I was, but we lost an hour this evening (for the loveliest of reasons - unexpected visit from friends), and I am still catching up on myself. However, the kids have both eaten and are now asleep; so I am feeling slightly more relaxed!

So here is a quick synopsis from last week (as you've only just read it, I will be brief):

Monday 30th June - 
Throw Together and Hope Cottage Pie

As usual - we enjoyed it, but the kids grizzled; think we did manage to convince Button to eat most of it this time though!

Tuesday 1st July - Roast Chicken (from supermarket, had in-laws for dinner and they brought the chicken), little roast veggies and fresh veggies. Followed by Jam Tarts!

In case you couldn't tell from my previous post - a roaring success, even 'lil M ate plenty of dinner (still turned up his little nose at the tart; but you can't win everything)!

Wednesday 2nd July - Chicken Fried Rice, from the left-over chicken the night before. 

This was a big improvement over my first attempt which turned out gluggy; and once more a FAVOURITE! My son ate an entire plateful, and hubby commented that if I can cook well enough that he will eat it - I should be on Master Chef *grin*! Not even remotely close to that kind of level, but I basked in the praise anyway!

Thursday 3rd July - Honey and Soy Chicken

Once more this went down well, just like the first time I made it (although I called it 'Honey and Lemon Chicken' in that post, instead of 'Honey and Soy')! Again, my son ate well - including the rice; two nights in a row, must be a miracle!

Friday 4th July - Pizza

Another good pizza and movie night - 'lil M ate 3 pieces, and Button ate all of hers as well as some of her Dad's! Must've been a good pizza!

Saturday 5th July - Simple Sausage Hotpot with caramalised onion. 

This was good, but not as tasty as I expected it to be! Button devoured it though, and had seconds - so wasn't all bad! Probably wouldn't bother with it again, for a 'simple' meal it took all the pots in my cupboard, and quite a lot of time to prepare - hubby wasn't impressed at the amount of dishes needing to be done!

Sunday 6th June - Mexican Meatloaf

REALLY, REALLY tasty - hubby and I loved it, and I would make it again. Button needed convincing, but she finished it in the end, 'lil M wouldn't even have a mouthful *grrrrr*! Cannot wait until he is a bit older, and we can start to be a little harder on him... just so you know, he doesn't get a second meal - but he does get porridge and milk with a little bit of fruit before bed, if he doesn't eat his dinner. We don't cater to him, but he is still too young to send to bed with no food (we have tried), as he wakes up hungry during the night; and his nights are bad enough as it is, without adding more fuel to the fire!

And the new week begins with:

Monday 7th July - Old Fashioned Fish Pie

Tuesday 8th July - Pasta with sausage and roast pumpkin

Wednesday 9th July - Lamb Briyani

Thursday 10th July - Spaghetti with herby meatballs with primavera sauce

Friday 11th July - Pizza

Saturday 12th July - Chicken Cacciatore

Sunday 13th July - Panfried Fish with Curried Coconut Dressing

I know - I am on a Destitute Gourmet roll; I have found a couple of her books are easy to cook, but also either offer substitutes, or are easy to use alternatives in. I have bought a couple of her books, and have one out of the library (which I WANT)! I am sure I will get sick of it soon, but for now I am going with it!

I haven't mentioned  yet that we have had to take Button right off dairy again, as she was starting to get a sore tummy once more; and we have also taken hubby right off dairy as well (which does make it easier for Button to cope), as he has also been getting a funny tummy again. Thankfully things have settled down since then, but while it makes it easier for Button - it makes it harder for me, as I have to avoid it completely in my cooking again now *sigh*! Thankfully I had a bit of practise when we took Button off it the first time, so it hasn't felt as daunting this time round. We have also bought a couple of different goats cheeses to use for them in meals - ouch on the pocket, but at least it means we can keep pizza on the menu!

I have been photographing my notes as I go, and revising it a bit each week (fine-tuning), and keeping all my receipts for each fortnight, so I can share my strategies and how much I spent in each category with you all one day; but there is a way to go before I really have a proper 'system' in place! However, I can safely say that I feel lost without my plan when I am running late; and life is a whole lot smoother when I know what I am cooking!

So - what is on your menu this week? 


Great to hear you have found a couple of meals that Lil'M devoured - but knowing him, serve them again and he may well turn his nose up at them. Sounds as though your planning is paying off.
Blessings and love
Marie Turner said…
I have one Destitute Gourmet cookbook, gifted to me when I went flatting....I still haven't cooked anything from it! I think if you find something you love, just carry on! We cook Jamie Oliver at least five nights a week! Looks like you're doing amazingly well with your menu planning-- life always gets in the way though huh?!
Amy said…
I just did my menu and shopping list for the fortnight before sitting down to read your post! Roast Lamb will be our highlight (small leg in the freezer which will then be used for lamb chow mien, and lamb and barley soup - lamb makes the bestest EVER soup base!). Pumpkin soup made with pumpkin from Community Gardens, and pumpkin and bacon pasta too. We'll also have silverbeet fritters and a quiche as we've got eggs we can use. And I'm hoping to find some beef or lamb at a reasonable price at the supermarket to try a Moroccan Tangine for the first time. Good thing I ate dinner before writing this all out, drool!
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