Menu Planning Monday 6

Ohhhh - so you say it's Tuesday? Did I miss a day somewhere, maybe - I think!?! These days it feels like I miss entire weeks sometimes; time just seems to move faster and faster, and I am getting slower and slower!

So - synopsis from last week:

Monday 7th July - Old Fashioned Fish Pie

This was well loved last time - but this time we had unexpected guests arrive right on dinner time and the kids were far to excited to eat! So they went to bed on porridge or cornflakes, and Mummy and Daddy enjoyed it later!

Tuesday 8th July - Pasta with sausage and roast pumpkin

* Tasteless, and disappointing... 

Wednesday 9th July - Lamb Briyani

* Tasteless and disappointing...

Thursday 10th July - Spaghetti with herby meatballs with primavera sauce

Swapped this for Chicken Cacciatore - we were getting sick of tasteless mince recipes; and this had been tasty and liked by all last time; so I chose to swap. Unfortunately, as irony has it - the kids disliked it this time, and it seemed a bit tasteless again.

Friday 11th July - Pizza

We had one pizza between us, plus sausages and hot chips at the request of Button - went down well, both kids ate a bit of everything.

Saturday 12th July - Chicken Cacciatore

Decided to do Lemon Infused Meatballs with pasta instead, an old favourite - rather than take the chance of another meal disliked.

Sunday 13th July - Panfried Fish with Curried Coconut Dressing

The sauce for this fish is lovely - but silly me mixed the fish and sauce in with some rice noodles, and once more it became tasteless! Only reason I know it was lovely, is because I had a chance to taste test before mixing!

* Hubby said, when I mentioned how tasteless everything was this past week and how disappointed I was - that the chances are I didn't follow the recipe 100%! Initially I was a bit put-out that he blamed me, rather than the recipes; as they'd all come from the same book, I was convinced it wasn't me. However, on second thought - I suspect he was right!!! The above meal case-in-point... I can't remember what I did with the other meals, I'd need to look through the recipes again, but suffice to say I am sure Destitute Gourmet was not to blame, I have cooked many of her recipes with great success in the past! 

However, I decided it was time for a change this week - so here is the new menu for this week:

Monday 14th July = Wraps with mince and cheese (I tried a crepe-like wrap from Petite Kitchen this time, not a huge success in terms of holding together, however everyone liked it and even 'lil M ate the 'pancakes', even if he didn't touch the mince)!

Tuesday 15th July = Devilled Sausages and mash

Wednesday 16th July = Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef

Thursday 17th July = Honey Sesame Chicken Stirfry

Friday 18th July = Vegetable and Lentil Soup

Saturday 19th July = GF Fish Fingers 

Sunday 20th July = Lemon and Thyme Pasta

So there you have it, hopefully some of these recipes have more success than last weeks did!


Oops - follow the book and don't adjust unless you know the recipe well - I too have learnt the hard way :-)
Love and blessings
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