Menu Planning Monday 7

Good evening,

Well it has been a week from bad-health-hell around here :-(! Poor Button has been sick for two weeks now, first a cold which was then followed by the flu. Hubby brought the flu home from work, we thought he'd just picked up the kids cold - but he has got worse and worse, and then Button started crashing with high fevers (for 3 days and 2 nights - got a bit scary there for a while). She finally started to come right late yesterday, and while she is still not well; we are finally starting to catch glimpses of our little girl again (and not the Drama Queen she turns into when sick)!

From this on Saturday

To this late Sunday

To this Monday afternoon... 
Put herself to sleep watching TV, so cute when they're asleep!

Yep, it's been a LONG weekend... now just watching 'lil M, as he wasn't himself today; but hoping it's 'just' teething!

Anyway - enough about us, lets get on with the menu!

So, a quick synopsis from last week:

Monday 14th July = Wraps with mince and cheese 
I tried a crepe-like wrap from Petite Kitchen this time, not a huge success in terms of holding together, however everyone liked it and even 'lil M ate the 'pancakes', even if he didn't touch the mince!

Tuesday 15th July = Devilled Sausages and mash
Always a hit with 3 out of 4 of us; 'lil M did his usual 'yuck'! But Button, hubby and I all loved it! Only problem is, hubby's tummy didn't like it this time - we have having more issues with his eating at the moment; so like the 'lil M issue, that will be another post for another day!

Wednesday 16th July = Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef
This one didn't seem to come out like the photo, or so I thought - however, when I looked back, it actually did look similar! Again, 3 out of 4 of us enjoyed this, Button has an issue with texture, and anything that is remotely chewy in her mind gets spat out! Despite the meat being soft and yummy, she wouldn't eat it - but she did like the flavour, and devoured all the vegetables.

Thursday 17th July = Honey Sesame Chicken Stirfry
This was a HUGE hit, even 'lil M ate some of it! Everyone loved it... yay!

Friday 18th July = Vegetable and Lentil Soup
Hahaha - silly Mummy, Friday night is PIZZA night! What a thing to forget; so we did not have the soup, we had pizza - which was a big success, and despite Button beginning to get the flu, she ate like a pro that night. So I decided to swap that to Saturday night, and make the fish fingers on Monday.

Saturday 19th July = GF Fish Fingers 
Tonight was not a night to try a new recipe out on the family, everyone was under the weather and had very little sleep! So we gave the kids sausages, eggs and mashed potato - hubby cooked, as I was feeling just a bit exhausted! Both kids ate reasonably well, but come Sunday Button stopped eating pretty much...

Sunday 20th July = Lemon and Thyme Pasta
Button stopped eating today - we think it is all the medicine she has been having; she has a VERY sensitive tummy, and generally she never needs more than 1-2 doses of pamol per cold, which is fine. But the poor girl has been sucking back pamol and ibrofen, due to the high fevers; and it is starting to take it's toll. So we made her a simple dinner of sausage and tuna (her request, strange child), and while she didn't eat much of that, she finished off with some of my homemade *Orange Choc-Chop Ice Cream with Banana Base. So she had enough food in her to sleep through for the first time since Thursday, ahhhh - bliss! Hubby and I LOVED it as always, and had leftovers for lunch today!

* Separate post to come on this, and my homemade gluten-free muesli bar!

So - onto this week now:

Monday 21st July - Gluten-free Fish Fingers with homemade chippies, and fresh veggies.

Tuesday 22nd July - Roast chicken with little roasties, and fresh veggies.

Wednesday 23rd July - Chicken Fried Rice, with the leftovers. If you have't tried this recipe, you've got to - seriously, the best fried rice EVER!
Then the carcass will become homemade stock, if you want to know the easiest way to make chicken stock in the crockpot, check out the recipe found at Don't Waste The Crumbs. I highly recommend it!

Thursday 24th July - Slow Cooker Osso Bucco

Friday 25th July - And we're back to pizza night again.

Saturday 26th July - Satay Meatballs with Noodles

Sunday 27th July - Fish Cakes with homemade chippies 
Well Nourished They make a claim on this that even the 'fish fussy' will like these fish cakes, so it'll be interesting to see how the kiddies respond! And here is the link to the homemade hot chips I am going to try that night!

So that is this week in meals, I hope you all had a more relaxing week last week than we did... and I hope your cooking was a success!

I am still hoping to get on here more regularly, and post a little more than just menu's... but until the flu has finished it's rounds and we're feeling a little more sane, and a little more refreshed - things are going to be minimal again!


Hi Elizabeth, that was quite a week - well done on Lil'M eating (enjoying) at least one meal - hopefully he will eat the repeats!
Blessings and love and prayers
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