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Menu Planning Monday 12

I am sorry I have yet to get back to you about the whole self-confidence 'series' I was/is going to do! Between hubby's food misadventures, and job hunting - time has disappeared faster than I care to remember!
Hoping one day for more time, and sleeping children; so I can use that time efficiently! Last night was good, but the previous night Button was up 3x, AND the cat brought a mouse in which she proceeded to let go - so there was a mouse hunt in the middle of the night, and of course 'lil M decided that 5:30am was a good time to wake up for the day! Last night we were in bed by 8pm, yep, we were that tired!
So, the intentions are still all good, and I do plan on making it happen... one day! But right now we have more pressing matters that require attention; hubby went off the track over the weekend, and paid for it a bit today; so back on track again this week, and hopefully a little more common sense will prevail next weekend!
So, last weeks menu didn't quite go …

Back On Track... Well Almost!

So after spending much time thinking and panicking (if truth be known) and praying desperate prayers for inspiration - I have finally come to a place of being able to help hubby, I think. I still desperately want him to see a Doctor, the 'diagnosis' of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is just a guess; as it fits his symptoms the best, however there are all sorts of other things it could be... if only he'd go and have a few tests! 
But he won't, and there is no point going on and on, as it'll only make matters worse! So I decided to give him an ultimatum (after much reading and researching), that he either goes on the 'Elizabeth Elimination Diet' and sticks to it, or he goes to the Doctor! He chose the elimination diet, and I bet by the end he'll be wishing he had just sucked it up and had gone to the Doctor. 
So, for two weeks he is going to be on minimal food - plenty of portions, just minimal variety... he won't go hungry, but he'll probably get bored w…

Menu Planning Monday Gone Astray

It is after 10pm, and I have just spent the entire evening on the phone talking to my sister-in-law... I rang to just quickly confirm what we'll be doing on Friday night; as we'll be attending a cooking class run by Nicola Galloway of Homegrown Kitchen; excited much! But as women are want to do - we just kept talking!
It was good though; really good!
And I really don't know if I'd have had much for you anyway, hubby and I are working through some of his tummy issues at the moment; as he is REALLY struggling. So we're looking into trying him on the Fodmap Diet, and seeing if this helps - it is brutal, and I am still getting my head around it. Right now, I am still working out what he can and can't eat, and if I can realistically fit that into our everyday eating - it doesn't look good, might mean cooking two meals, something I would rather avoid if at all possible.
So, once I have an idea of what is going on, and how I am going to tackle this next challenge in …

Menu Planning Monday 10

TEN - did you read that? I have been menu-planning and blogging about it for TEN weeks, I don't think I have ever been that consistent with my blogging, or following a weekly theme, let alone actually 'doing something' for myself, the entire four years I have been blogging! I am impressed with my own stickability!

But in saying that -  this weeks post is going to be a bit of a cheat one, as I haven't planned the whole week in advance yet, and as I am tired and have a busy week ahead; I might not get to do this for a few days yet!

I am also not going to do a synopsis from last week - this current menu has been changed and played around with SO much over the past fortnight, that I doubt I could remember it accurately now, let alone atest to what has been good or bad! We have had colds and tummy bugs and teething and other such 'fun' things to deal with the entire time; so the meals have been loosely based on current day needs and available time. BUT the good thing …

Thoughts on Thoughts... 1

I have been thinking; thinking about the type of thinking that I do. I suspect this has come about from reading Ange's post here on Being Enough, it really hit a raw nerve. I also suspect it is surfacing due to having to head back into the workforce again, as I explained in my previous post; it has been five years since I have last had to work set hours out of the home
So part of this thinking has been regarding confidence, and lack of it. What is at the core of confidence? What is the difference between those people who are confident in who they are, and those of us who aren't? Is it physical?
If it was just physicality - then I should be almost at my peak! I have been very blessed to have a body that LOST weight after the children were born; so not my expectation, nor my experience throughout my life. Let me show you:
This is me in February 2007 - at my biggest. I hated myself, I felt bad and I was ill all the time.
Because of my medical history, extra weight tends to cause me …

Alluding... To Revealing!

I have alluded here, and on my instagram feed, on a few occasions, that there are going to be some BIG changes for my little family happening soon.
I have avoided writing about it up until now, as I just wanted to really let it sink in, and make sure I told a few people 'in real life' first as well. 
So - the news is:
We're on the move
Nope; not pregnant, bet that's what some of you were thinking though!
This is a difficult post to explain, as there are no set dates in place for this to happen just yet - and there are a number of things that have to happen first, before we can move. But move we will, and we'll be gone by the end of the year; come what may! We are dead serious, and are decluttering, selling stuff and generally preparing ourselves for this (and the kids as much as is possible), we have even packed two boxes! Hubby came home today saying he has got a boot load more boxes at work as well, which he will bring home tomorrow; those boxes will make it far more …

Menu Planning Monday 9

We have just had the weekend from tummy-bug-hell, where the other three all fell ill over a 12 hour period. I am the only one still standing...
The kids bounced back really quickly, but it has taken hubby a bit longer... he seemed okay late yesterday, only to wake up feeling pretty bad again today (not that he mentioned this until late afternoon to me). Now it looks like it has hit Button again, she went to bed with no dinner, and has just woken writhing and in pain. Hubby is sitting with her while I quickly get this up for you all, and then we will swap.
So I will not be doing a synopsis of last week, nor will I be including any links for this weeks recipes, nor any photos! Hopefully, maybe, if we ever get a 'nice' week of no bad health issues and no bad nights (on top of it all 'lil M is cutting his second-to-last molar, so we're up almost every night to him as well), I may be able to update this with a synopsis, links and the odd photo. Or maybe that will just wait un…
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