Alluding... To Revealing!

I have alluded here, and on my instagram feed, on a few occasions, that there are going to be some BIG changes for my little family happening soon.

I have avoided writing about it up until now, as I just wanted to really let it sink in, and make sure I told a few people 'in real life' first as well. 

So - the news is:

We're on the move

Nope; not pregnant, bet that's what some of you were thinking though!

This is a difficult post to explain, as there are no set dates in place for this to happen just yet - and there are a number of things that have to happen first, before we can move. But move we will, and we'll be gone by the end of the year; come what may! We are dead serious, and are decluttering, selling stuff and generally preparing ourselves for this (and the kids as much as is possible), we have even packed two boxes! Hubby came home today saying he has got a boot load more boxes at work as well, which he will bring home tomorrow; those boxes will make it far more real.

So - why are we moving, and where are we going to?

We are 'going home'! We met and married in a small waikato town, and that is where we're heading back to... both sets of parents still live there, and this is the kind of lifestyle  / upbringing we want for our children. We have always planned to be out of Auckland before Button started school (next year - eeek), although initially, we'd never intended on 'going home' as such; rather the Bay of Plenty had been our original destination... We'd still eventually like to settle there, but that has become a more long-term goal now.

But one of the obstacles in our way, of course, is a job... we still need an income, even if it is cheaper living there! But not just any job, and not for the hubby - rather, I'll be going back to work, and hubby will become the 'stay-at-home-parent', as he works on setting up and building up his own business. He has been working / studying nights our entire marriage, but it is getting harder and harder living in Auckland on one income, and with two small children. He needs more time to focus, and the only place I could conceive of getting a job that could support us is a small place like there - living costs are so low, that one income in the low to middle range, is still enough to survive on. We could buy a 3 bedroom livable (not necessarily nice, but livable) house for under 100k down there... The only way we'll ever be able to afford a house is by moving; and we'll have babysitters just down the road, bonus!

There is so much more to it than just this, SO much more... but suffice to say, changes are happening; and happening soon!

PS - I am excited, but scared! It was never in the plans for me to go back to work full-time, let alone as the sole-bread winner; I feel a bit of pressure from this. But I know, once we have moved and have settled in, it will be fine! Hubby is fantastic with the kids, and I won't need to worry about them at all (miss them, yes like crazy - but worry, no), we already have accommodation sorted; everything is seriously falling into place... JUST.NEED.THE.JOB! 


Miriam said…
Exciting! Hope the job arrives soon and is a perfect fit x
I can understand your scary but exciting feelings - I am just plain looking forward to it :-)
Love and blessings
Amy said…
So excited for you and so proud of you guys making the big decision/s and move!
Siobhan said…
Oh yay!! Good luck! Making changes and moving is very soul defining and it will totally re-shape your family, but you'll love it!
So excited for you! I'm sure you'll love being somewhere smaller than Auckland, though I'm a bit sad the Bay of Plenty has become a long term goal. All the best with the move and all the planning.
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