Menu Planning Monday 10

TEN - did you read that? I have been menu-planning and blogging about it for TEN weeks, I don't think I have ever been that consistent with my blogging, or following a weekly theme, let alone actually 'doing something' for myself, the entire four years I have been blogging! I am impressed with my own stickability!

But in saying that -  this weeks post is going to be a bit of a cheat one, as I haven't planned the whole week in advance yet, and as I am tired and have a busy week ahead; I might not get to do this for a few days yet!

I am also not going to do a synopsis from last week - this current menu has been changed and played around with SO much over the past fortnight, that I doubt I could remember it accurately now, let alone atest to what has been good or bad! We have had colds and tummy bugs and teething and other such 'fun' things to deal with the entire time; so the meals have been loosely based on current day needs and available time. BUT the good thing is, by menu planning a whole fortnight in advance - I can do this, as I have all the ingredients ready at hand; and it's just a matter of quickly rescheduling! Loving the flexibility of it all, which I haven't really used up until now, but it has come in handy this time!

So - what I have got so far:

Monday 11th August = Soup, followed by homemade beaked beans on toast (which were loved by everyone except 'lil M).

Tuesday 12th August = Chicken Cacciatore

Wednesday 13th August = Old Fashioned Fish Pie

Thursday 14th August = Something with chicken

Friday 15th August = something quick and easy, having a break from pizza at the moment. Button asked for Tuna and Pasta Bake, which we used to eat a lot of (recipe can be found here), but since hubby and Button have had to come off dairy as well - this hasn't been an option. However, we have some goat mozzarella in the fridge which no one likes much; so maybe using it up in something like this would be okay. I also did a pasta bake from one of Sophie Gray (Destitute Gourmet) books recently, and she suggested sprinkling breadcrumbs over the top, instead of cheese - which of course makes it safer for my allergy family! Everyone loved it, as it gave it a slightly crunchy top... so could try this again as a Friday night special maybe? Button used to love Tuna and Pasta Bake, and would ask for it regularly - will see how we go.

Saturday and Sunday = still unknown!

Hope you all have a lovely week, and enjoyed the sneak peek at spring!


Love those flowers - not many of them down this way - yet. :-).
Sounds like a frustrating fortnight on the menu front - here's hoping this week will be better.
Love and blessings
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