Menu Planning Monday 9

We have just had the weekend from tummy-bug-hell, where the other three all fell ill over a 12 hour period. I am the only one still standing...

The kids bounced back really quickly, but it has taken hubby a bit longer... he seemed okay late yesterday, only to wake up feeling pretty bad again today (not that he mentioned this until late afternoon to me). Now it looks like it has hit Button again, she went to bed with no dinner, and has just woken writhing and in pain. Hubby is sitting with her while I quickly get this up for you all, and then we will swap.

So I will not be doing a synopsis of last week, nor will I be including any links for this weeks recipes, nor any photos! Hopefully, maybe, if we ever get a 'nice' week of no bad health issues and no bad nights (on top of it all 'lil M is cutting his second-to-last molar, so we're up almost every night to him as well), I may be able to update this with a synopsis, links and the odd photo. Or maybe that will just wait until next week?!?

So - the plan for this coming week is:

Monday 4th August = Homemade FishnChips

Tuesday 5th August = Soup, pork and veggie

Wednesday 6th August = Lemon and Thyme Pasta

Thursday 7th August = Mini Meatloaves

Friday 8th August = Homemade Baked Beans

Saturday 9th August = Stew

Sunday 10th August = Sticky Maple (honey) chicken

However, if this tummy bug is doing the rounds again, then all this week is up for change - just like this past week was *sigh*!

Hope you all had a better weekend than we did!


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