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Ultimate Bundles?

Probably not if you live in New Zealand, it is an American thing (of course), however it is well worth a look if you're into healthy living and green cleaning!

AND, you could have a chance to win a Vitamix and a $500 Amazon Card - simply go and visit Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom here, help spread the word about this amazing deal, and you're in the draw to WIN!

Basically what these guys do is a few times a year they put a 'Bundle of Books' out on a specific topic, for a VERY low price! The current one, of which I have purchased, is called 'The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle', and for US$29.95 you get over 70 e-books on healthy living - from Essential Oils, to Whole Food Cooking, from Yoga to Green Cleaning , from Gardening to Keeping Chooks and everything in between! You also get heaps of e-courses for free or very minimally priced, as well as actual products that are offered free (but you would need to pay postage, so I probably won't bother with these myself).

These bundles are only available for a week each time, and the week is up this Monday 15th (or Tuesday 16th our time of course); even if you're a sceptic - take a look at the link above, and check it out! I bought mine on Thursday, and within thirty minutes I had the link to download them. I then spent Thursday and Friday downloading and sorting them out, onto my Google Drive, so I can access them from anywhere. I have skimmed as many as I could this weekend - and I am seriously EXCITED!

For someone like me, who has cooking challenges within the home - this is an amazing resource, there are a whole heap of gluten-free cookbooks, as well as a whole heaps of wholefood cookbooks; all of which I will use excessively! There are also books about Picky Eaters (we need to read that here), and how to encourage your children to eat healthier - everything I personally, could ever need at this stage in my life!

For me personally, it has been well worth the money - it is covering every area that I am now interested in, as well as every area I am currently dealing with. And the convenience of having them all right at my fingertips via Goggle Drive means they will be used and read over and over again!

I am in-love, and will be keeping an eye on them for future bundles that may be of benefit to me as well (although I don't think I have convinced my hubby yet)!

Seriously - go check it out before the deal is over!


Interesting - currently we are not spending anything much on anything other than basics.
Blessings and love
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