Menu Planning Monday 13 & 14

It has been a bit rough and tumble here recently -  you know, the whole 'flying by the seat of your pants' when it comes to eating! I was sick for two weeks with a throat infection, and on one of those weeks we did a 'eat what is in the pantry / fridge / freezer' week, meaning we slashed our food budget big time! Needs to be done now and then...

Healthy food choices - carrots for afternoon tea

Unfortunately I am not organised enough (story of my life) to have written down what we ate over that time - I know we ate a lot of 'quick and easy' meals, and hubby helped out. But that is about as far as my memory allows me!

Anyway - I set up a kind of menu plan for this past week, and the week to come; my parents have been here, and I had to send hubby out to do the shopping due to time restraints... yep, that was a bit scary; but he did well!

Chocolate Chip 'Surprise' Cookies
The 'surprise' being chickpeas!

So - this time, instead of setting out exactly what I was going to cook each day; I grouped recipes under headings, and am allowing myself the option of choosing what I want to cook each night, knowing I have the ingredients for all of these recipes. It is quite freeing really, although I have discovered I have a tendency towards the easy first (shouldn't really surprise me, considering I lean towards laziness)!

Double-Chocolate Seasalt Cookies

So - this is how it has looked for the past few days:

Wednesday 3rd September = Sausages, mash and veggies
Thursday 4th September = Lemon and Butter Chicken
Friday 5th September = Pizza
Saturday 6th September = Homemade Fish n Chips (roasties in this case, at hubby's request)
Sunday 7th September = Homemade Baked Beans on Toast
Monday 8th September = Devilled Sausages
Tuesday 9th September = Satay Meatballs with noodles

Homemade leftover Apricot Chicken for lunch 
With a glass of wine... mmmmm!

And the rest of the menu looks like this:

Shepherds Pie
Mini Meat Loaves

Lemon and Thyme Pasta
Chicken Fried Rice

Old Fashioned Fish Pie

Soup & Toast
Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Quinoa Fritters

Tomato & Basil Hoki Pie 

Not really sure if this is how I'm going to continue doing it or not, I still feel a little disorganised as I am still having to make decisions last minute - so might need to go back to the old way due to sanity *grin*!

Hope you all have had a great weekend!


Quick and easy did us :-). The little people don't look that impressed with the carrot for afternoon tea, especially Lil'M. The baking looks fabulous.
Love and Blessings
Amy said…
What was the hoki pie like? Would love the recipe if you enjoyed it! And the seasalt cookies? Ironically, I am about to completely re-write my menu as it is so out of date it has been confusing my husband no end! ;op
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