Menu Planning Monday 13 & 14

It has been a bit rough and tumble here recently -  you know, the whole 'flying by the seat of your pants' when it comes to eating! I was sick for two weeks with a throat infection, and on one of those weeks we did a 'eat what is in the pantry / fridge / freezer' week, meaning we slashed our food budget big time! Needs to be done now and then...

Healthy food choices - carrots for afternoon tea

Unfortunately I am not organised enough (story of my life) to have written down what we ate over that time - I know we ate a lot of 'quick and easy' meals, and hubby helped out. But that is about as far as my memory allows me!

Anyway - I set up a kind of menu plan for this past week, and the week to come; my parents have been here, and I had to send hubby out to do the shopping due to time restraints... yep, that was a bit scary; but he did well!

Chocolate Chip 'Surprise' Cookies
The 'surprise' being chickpeas!

So - this time, instead of setting out exactly what I was going to cook each day; I grouped recipes under headings, and am allowing myself the option of choosing what I want to cook each night, knowing I have the ingredients for all of these recipes. It is quite freeing really, although I have discovered I have a tendency towards the easy first (shouldn't really surprise me, considering I lean towards laziness)!

Double-Chocolate Seasalt Cookies

So - this is how it has looked for the past few days:

Wednesday 3rd September = Sausages, mash and veggies
Thursday 4th September = Lemon and Butter Chicken
Friday 5th September = Pizza
Saturday 6th September = Homemade Fish n Chips (roasties in this case, at hubby's request)
Sunday 7th September = Homemade Baked Beans on Toast
Monday 8th September = Devilled Sausages
Tuesday 9th September = Satay Meatballs with noodles

Homemade leftover Apricot Chicken for lunch 
With a glass of wine... mmmmm!

And the rest of the menu looks like this:

Shepherds Pie
Mini Meat Loaves

Lemon and Thyme Pasta
Chicken Fried Rice

Old Fashioned Fish Pie

Soup & Toast
Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Quinoa Fritters

Tomato & Basil Hoki Pie 

Not really sure if this is how I'm going to continue doing it or not, I still feel a little disorganised as I am still having to make decisions last minute - so might need to go back to the old way due to sanity *grin*!

Hope you all have had a great weekend!


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